Why Are Relationships So Hard?


Relationships as a whole are difficult, but romantic relationships are typically the most challenging for people emotionally. To find and maintain a healthy union with a willing partner is very hard to do with many singles struggling with loneliness, dealing with instances of unfaithfulness, or engaging in stretches of meaningless sexual encounters. This leads many to come to the conclusion that, despite the challenges that relationships bring, they are ultimately so rewarding.

Why Are Relationships So Hard?

Romantic relationships challenge us emotionally in so many ways, but they are amazing in ways that outnumber the difficulties which is why so many of us continue to engage in them. But why do they need to be so hard? What are the emotional issues they bring to us?

Seeing Yourself Through Another.

When you’re single, you can hide from yourself easily. No one makes you face your flaws. In relationships, you gain clarity as to who you are as a person through their eyes, which is scary. By embracing this relationship, you will employ a path of self-discovery and possibly develop ways of bringing change into who you are if the old version is not serving you well.


In relationships, difficult conversations are inevitable but no one likes to have them. Everyone wants the topic to always be light and airy. But if the relationship is to grow close and there is to be trust, tough talks need to be had or there will be arguments. This is actually how simply dating becomes a relationship. You grow from the tough times and the difficult subjects.


Life has to be a balance between your wishes and those of other people. In romantic relationships, compromise is used in every aspect from what you will eat for dinner all the way up to serious topics such as will you move in together. There are times where self sacrifice is going to be necessary in order to create an environment of connection and harmony. We all have our boundaries and in a healthy relationship each person is going to be respectful of those. We don’t have to give up every aspect of who we are. It’s simply a matter of making decisions in a healthy way that will benefit the greater good of you as a couple.


Being vulnerable with another person is probably the scariest aspect of being in romantic relationships with other people. You can’t expect to connect on a deeper level if you don’t expose your heart and allow your partner to come in on a close level. It becomes necessary for you to open up your entire life to this person and express who you are fully.

Romantic relationships offer great emotional challenges to the people who risk becoming involved in them. No one can tell if a person is going to be worth investing the amount of yourself that a relationship is going to require. Fear holds many back. But then when you take the time to be open and allow for something deeper, it can be an amazing and powerful way to enjoy a fulfilling and happy life.