Are You Accidentally Pushing Your Friends Away?

4 Top Reason On Why Do We Push People Away

Are you accidentally pushing your friends away? Maybe they stopped texting back, or you’ve discovered that most of your friendships are one-sided. Perhaps it’s occurred to you that many of your closest friends have gradually become not so close acquaintances. It could be that certain behaviors are pushing them away. Often, people do this unintentionally. Look for these signs and behaviors that you are accidentally pushing your friends away.

4 Top Reason On Why Do We Push People Away

Acting Jealous

No one likes to be around someone that is consistently envious of everyone else in the friend group. We’ve all been jealous at one time or another, but some people display multiple envious behaviors without realizing it.

Everything Is A Competition

When one person has a bad day, this person has had a worse day. If someone got a promotion, this person has a previous experience to top it. Conversations turn into competitions daily. Stop being envious of other people, and instead be grateful for your own blessings.

Obsessive About The Person You Are Envious Of

Some people don’t realize that they do this. They check the other person’s Facebook, they follow their life, and they are full of comments about the person. This is envious behavior, and it can be unpleasant for the entire friend group.

Being The Victim

You know the type of person that we’re talking about. The one that is always the victim. When a person has a sense of victimization they:

  • Complain a lot
  • Are always the victim regardless of the situation
  • Act helpless
  • Can be very needy

This can be emotionally overwhelming for friends, which can push them away. If you are dealing with this due to past trauma, seek professional help so that you can work through your trauma and become the powerful person that you are deep within.

Being A Negative Nancy

People that are extremely pessimistic can suck the life out of your soul. They kill the positive vibes of everyone around them. If you find that you are consistently in a negative mindset, work towards developing more positivity to stop accidentally pushing friends away.

Lack of Emotional Control

Sometimes, certain people take a little longer to learn to control their emotions than other people do. However, when you cannot control your emotions other people have to deal with angry explosions, uncontrollable sadness, and much more. This can result in you accidentally pushing friends away.

We’ve all been through times of crisis that have led to us being less than perfect. During times of stress, a lack of emotional control is common. When life keeps kicking you while you’re already down, it can be hard to maintain a positive attitude. Sometimes, that little green-eyed monster will rear its ugly head and you’ll wind up stalking that girl you think is prettier on social media anyway.

Small doses of those behaviors and the others listed can be a normal reaction to certain events or feelings. If they are taking over your life, however, it can be a problem. Learn whether you are accidentally pushing friends away by asking them, and work on the areas that need improvement. Your real friends will stick by you through your journey.