When to Get Marriage Counseling?


Sometimes it can be hard to come to a solution when there is trouble in paradise. Couples who are going through difficult times in their marriage often turn to marriage counseling as a way to help them improve their strained relations in a safe, judgement-free and supportive environment. However, knowing when to actually visit a marriage counselor may not always be easy. Here are some great guidelines that will help you figure out when to schedule an appointment to see a marriage counselor.

Lack of Communication

If there is dead silence at home, this is obviously not good. Married couples need to be able to express themselves openly, and not talking to each other is the exact opposite. Seeing a marriage counselor encourages better communication between spouses in front of a neutral, professionally trained marriage counselor.

Fighting Too Much

When a marriage breaks down, it is not uncommon for both spouses to argue. These tense times can bring out ugly emotions, emotional stress, not to mention create a negative environment that does not support a healthy marriage. Arguing over little things again and again can also lead to frustration, resentment and other unhealthy feelings, and that is an excellent reason for married couples to seek outside help if they are arguing a little too much. For the most part, marriage counseling can help to reduce arguments behind closed doors and be the catalyst to healthier conversations and interactions between both spouses.

No Intimacy

Couples should take it as a sign that it’s time to seek marriage counseling when they realize that their sex life has changed, and intimacy becomes less frequent. Sure, it is natural for that romantic spark to subside over time, but a non-existent sex life between spouses is a cause for concern and time to seek marriage counseling.


Straying from a marriage in the company of someone who is not your spouse can have serious ramifications. Marriage counseling can bring any concerns out in the open and may help to prevent either spouse from seeing another person during challenging times.

Leading Separate Lives

Married couples who avoid each other and do their own thing need to uncover any relationship blocks that are keeping them from spending time together. The moment that arises when one of the spouses feel as though they are just coexisting or feel that their spouse is more of a roommate rather than a life partner, then it is time for marriage counseling sooner rather than later.

Hopefully knowing what the red flags are in a relationship will help couples decide to stay together instead of letting their marriage fall apart. Now do you know what signs to look for when it comes to signing up for marriage counseling?