Types of Romantic Dates


Every relationship is the same: when you first become a couple, the whole world feels like you’ve stepped into a romantic movie, but once a few years pass, you have to work a lot harder to keep that spark alive. Romance isn’t something that happens naturally, and it’s down to you to ignite the passion by treating the person you’re dating to regular romantic dates.

Romantic dating doesn’t have to be costly. You just need the right setting and atmosphere to spark that intimacy between the two of you. Here are some of the best romantic dating ideas to inspire you for your next dating adventures:

Take a stroll in the countryside

There’s nothing more peaceful than taking a countryside stroll arm in arm with your partner. It’s one of the more wallet-friendly dating options, but is still a really effective way to build up the romance in a beautiful environment. You’ll have the time to talk together without the distraction of your mobile phones, which offers a guaranteed opportunity for all sorts of conversation. Bonus points if you live close enough to the sea to take a private coastal walk.

Go back to the place you first met

Hopefully, the place you first met is still accessible for you to take your partner to, because it’s a fantastic way to encourage an intimate discussion about the day that changed the both of your lives forever. Reminding yourselves of how you first felt when you met each other is a sure-fire way to bring the romance back to the forefront of your relationship.

Arrange a picnic for your partner

Another low-cost romantic dating option is to arrange a picnic for your partner. If you can get outside, to an empty field or private beach, all the better, but if the weather’s against you, a picnic at home can be just as romantic. Pick out your partner’s favourite nibble foods, finish off with a glass of wine, and witness the drinks – and conversation – get flowing.

Treat your partner to a spa night

It’s hard to find anything more heavenly than a spa setting, and enjoying a couples’ massage together is one of the best romantic dating options. If you’re short on cash to splash, you can create your own intimate spa setting in your very own bedroom, by lighting a few scented candles and purchasing your own massage oils. Take it in turns massaging one another for a guaranteed romantic hit.

Plan a weekend away

One of the reasons why relationships can lose their romance is that you get too used to routine – you work the same hours every day, see each other every evening and and eat the same foods together every week. There’s no excitement, and leaving your home setting is a good way to bring it back. Book a weekend away for you and your partner, and you’ll be impressed at how the mutual feelings of escapism can positively impact on your romance levels.