How to Know If a Date is Brushing You Off

No matter how intuitive we think we are, it is not always easy to know when someone you are dating is starting to blow you off. Whether it has been a couple of dates or across several weeks, there are occasions when the other person may ghost you and you never discover why. Before you get ghosted, there may be clues that you have not paid attention to. Some of them can be fairly obvious – texts that go unanswered, plans that get cancelled, etcetera. But there are times when these and more can be far more subtle the when you are on the receiving in.

Top 4 Signs Your Date Is Losing Interest in You

The first thing to know is that most people have been ghosted before and it goes something like this: you have a few dates, and both parties seem interested. But in the back of one person’s mind – or possibly both – there is a feeling of something unsettled that lies just beneath. Is the other person not that into you? In this article, we will laid the groundwork for how to know if a date is brushing you off. Here are some signs that let can alert you that it is happening to you.

Unanswered Texts

In the beginning, you may receive dozens of texts and go back and forth exchanging messages. So, when that begins to dry up fairly quickly, they may be trying to tell you in a subtle manner that they are not as into you as you would like. This person may be acting selfish, but even selfish people will ask how the other person is doing and be interested in what is going on in your life. If you notice that the other person is too much into themselves all the time, then they are probably trying to devise the best way to get you out of their life.

Suddenly, They’re Busy

If they were always ready to meet up with you in the beginning, but then suddenly became unavailable, they may be trying to brush you off. Of course, we all get busy from time to time and it is impossible to schedule everything. That is normal. However, if it becomes normal behavior, then you are being given the brush-off. At the end of the day, we make time for the important people in our lives.

Losing interest

Lack of Interest

Couples that have been together experience lack of interest across years, but if you have just met and suddenly they are showing a ramped up lack of interest, then that is a clear side that your date is brushing you off. If they cannot be there for you, then this is a sign that they are moving on or about to.

Making Excuses

Sometimes, being blunt is the best way to go, but not everyone is capable of that. So, instead of saying directly that they want to cut it off, some people may duck and avoid the conversation entirely until they just disappear. Try not to let this happen to you by paying attention to their words and actions. Be direct and try to get the answer out of them you deserve.


These are some steps that will dictate how you respond and react to a date that is trying to brush you off.

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