How to Know If You’re Ready to Date Again


Whether you have been healing from a divorce or finally getting over a big breakup, or have just decided to enjoy the single life for a while, the day may eventually arrive when you want to get yourself out there and date again. Although everyone is different when it comes to dealing with meeting people and getting to know them, some common clues may be a sign that you are, in fact, you truly are ready to date.

You Feel Fine On Your Own But Wouldn’t Mind Company

When you’re fine doing things on your own and making yourself a priority, it builds confidence and makes you emotionally and mentally stronger, and an overall happy person. This is where self-love comes in. As the old saying goes, “You can’t love someone unless you love yourself.” So if you’re in a healthy place emotionally, perhaps it is time to let someone else enjoy time getting to know you, and vice versa.

You’re Over Your Ex

If you’re single because a relationship didn’t work out, that can be a devastating experience that takes time to process, understand, and eventually overcome. Reliving a bad experience in your head over and over again means that you’re not in the right headspace to make yourself available to others. However, on the flip side, if you don’t find yourself obsessing about your ex and thinking about their every move, or seeing what they’re up to on social media, then it might be time to meet someone new.

You Feel Excitement and Anticipation

Instead of dread and apprehension, you’re thinking dating could be fun and feel a sense of excitement and actually look forward to the possibilities. You’re at a time in your life where you are more open and relaxed about the idea of going out with people. There are other subtle things that you may do. Perhaps you don’t shy away in social situations as you might have done in the past, or maybe you have even downloaded a dating app and created a profile. For the most part, you find the prospect of dating a little thrilling. Basically, you’re single and ready to mingle.

You Just Know

After staying away from the dating scene by choice, suddenly, you may realize that you want to be out there and are willing to let your guard down to meet your next match. If your intuition is telling you that you should date, then you should act on this sense. You’re ready to trade your alone time for a table for two.

Dating is not the easiest thing to do in the world, especially if it has been a while. However, you will never know what could be unless you try, and you never know who you may meet unless you take a chance–a new friend or maybe even the next love of your life.