How to Make My First Date Interesting?

Dating is daunting, especially when it comes to that very first date. Where should you go? What should you wear? How should you behave? There’s so much pressure, and so much to think about, that it’s hard to get any enjoyment out of the date at all!

Luckily, you can take a lot of pressure off yourself if you take the time to plan out a few elements of your date beforehand. Dating is about spontaneity, so you don’t need to meticulously think about exactly what you’re going to do and when, but it helps to do a bit of pre-planning so that you can feel confident before your date.

If you’re out to impress on your first date, here are some tips on how to make it interesting:

Choose a good location

It might be that you know very little about the person you’ll be meeting, but if you can find a way to make a first date location at least somewhat personal to them, you’re already doing well. Maybe they’ve mentioned that their favorite food is pasta, in which case you can take them to an Italian restaurant. Or if they’ve talked about how they’d love to visit a place in town but haven’t got round to it yet, you’ll definitely impress by taking them there.

Consider your conversation

First dates can get very generic, very fast. If the person you’re meeting has been in the dating game for a while, they’re probably fed up of explaining everything about their career and family by now! While these are great conversation openers, try to step out of the box and engage your date in interesting topics that will really get the conversation flowing.

Act interested

One of the best ways to make your date interesting is simply to act interested. You don’t want to be glancing at your phone while the other person is talking, or only half-listening to what they’re saying. Pay attention to what they’re talking about, ask thoughtful questions, and try not to simply nod and smile at everything they’re saying. Listening is important, but it won’t keep the conversation going to stay fully silent.

Find ways to have fun on your date

Dating can get a bit repetitive after a while, so there’s no reason why you can’t suggest something a little different for your first date. If you really want to have fun, think about taking a trip to a theme park, going rock climbing or trying out a workout class. The adrenaline will pull you closer together as the date goes on, and you’ll have far more fun than you would at a standard night at a bar.

Be spontaneous

If your date is going particularly well, why not suggest that you carry the night on elsewhere? This all depends on your location – if you’re in the city, you could check out a few clubs, or if you’re away from the hustle and bustle, maybe suggest a romantic stroll around a local park. Your spontaneity will prove to your date that you’re able to take the drivers’ seat when it comes to romance, which is always attractive.

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