How To Maintain Friendships During The Pandemic

How to Maintain Friendships During the Pandemic

As the pandemic pushes on, it’s becoming harder and harder to maintain friendships throughout social isolation. There are no more backyard cookouts or getting together for the children to have a playdate at your best friend’s house.

Some friendships are slowly fizzling out with little hope of being rekindled when we are no longer required to social distance. To avoid this scenario, it’s important that one learns how to maintain friendships during the pandemic.

These tips will make your friendships stronger than they were before.

Stay In Contact

Social distancing does not mean that one person cannot talk to another one. Instead of sitting home alone, stay in contact with your friends throughout the pandemic via one of these methods:

  • Phone calls
  • Text messages
  • Video chatting with Skype or FaceTime
  • Window time (sit on opposite sides of a window to talk to each other)

When you talk with each other, update each other on how the children are doing, what’s going on in your life, and other things that you would normally talk about.

Do Things Together

Take the time to do things with one another. There are plenty of opportunities to spend time with one another that do not involve physical contact.

Watch A Movie

Watching Netflix with your friends

Call each other on Skype or another video chat app. Then, sit the phone next to you on the couch so that they can see the television too. It will be as if the two of you are watching television together.

Play The Emoji Game

Play The Emoji Game
Try playing the Emoji Game with your friends

This game is fun, and you can both beat pandemic boredom with it. Pick an emoji on your phone, and then act out the emoji. For example, send your friend the surfer emoji. Then, use something (like a clothing basket) as a surfboard, strike the same pose as the emoji, and snap a picture. Send them the picture, and wait on them to do it back. This is a really fun game for a group chat.

Help Each Other

Help Each Other
Cheer your friends who are stressful

Today, more than ever, communities need to come together. Helping one another is a great way to maintain friendships during the pandemic. If you have a friend that is struggling, drop off some groceries on their front porch, pick them up some medicine if they are sick and send them ideas to keep the ids busy if they are stressed. Being there for one another is one of the most important things necessary in maintaining a friendship.

Start A New Routine

With social distancing, old routines might not be possible anymore. No one is meeting up on Sunday to get their nails done together or to go out to brunch. There is no hanging out at the bar after work. This can throw your friendships in a rut, but you can prevent that by developing a new routine to replace the old one. Start a new routine with your friends to maintain friendships during the pandemic, such as calling them every day when you take a break from working from home.

When considering how to maintain friendships during the pandemic, it’s important that your friendship maintains some sense of closeness. If you used to get together, talk via video chat. Also, be there for each more than ever before. Your friendship will not only survive the pandemic, but it will also thrive.