How to Bring Passion Back Into a Relationship?

how to bring passion back into a relationship

The start of a relationship can be an exciting time for couples – anticipating texts from a significant other, the first kisses, and all the spontaneous sex that occurs. There is probably nothing to like about new relationships but at the end of the day, nothing can lat forever and over time, complacency begins to set in and there will be more required of both parties to keep everything fresh and as exciting as when you first met.

This is not news to most people and the fact is that relationships that last a long time are great for impacting a person’s happiness, especially among those that are married. In many reports, married couples report more satisfaction as they are typically more determined to remain happy over the long term.

How to Bring Passion Back Into a Relationship

However, the path to having the best of both of these type of relationships can be achieved through hard work. The following are 7 ways to rekindle the spark in your marriage.

Communication Is Key

As couples begin to settle in, it is only natural to get nostalgic as you remember how the relationship began in its initial stages. During the first few months of a relationship, there are lots of pleasurable experiences that raise dopamine levels. Once you are married and those levels begin to level off, the high that you felt before by comparison can lead many to feel as if they are experiencing a tremendous letdown.

The important thing to remember is to not sweat the small stuff and to be open about what you are feeling with your partner. Once you begin to understand one another’s strengths and weaknesses, you will be more in tune with one another and achieve happiness together.

Enjoying Quality Time

Couples that begin by scheduling a once a week movie and date night will quickly learn that this is not sufficient to building a long-term relationship like marriage. New experiences are vital and couples that are married learn how keep the spark alive by switching things up to ensure that there is always a fresh element. That includes trying out a new restaurant together, booking weekend getaways to new cities, or couples shopping at a new store opening in a nearby town.


This probably goes without saying, but intimacy fades as time goes by, and if you are married and have kids, you will have to work even hard to keep that spark up. Couples that keep romance alive aim to engage in sex at least once during the week. And if you are not in the mood, cuddles and deep kissing can go a long way towards fostering intimacy. Being intimate also includes affectionately talking and touching one another.

Getting Back to the Basics

Try to remember those first few months that you were together. Back then, probably even the most mundane things were interesting and exciting. Once you are married, occasionally, revisit those places and settings and reminisce a little. That could include coffeeshops in the area, walking through a specific neighborhood, or talking about your favorite memories in a park.


There is nothing like a surprise to bring those dopamine levels back up. Surprise your partner from time to time. Whether it is a couples spa retreat, new jewelry, or even a new restaurant experience, the acts speak volumes and will signal to your partner that you are still in love and pleased with your marriage.

Sharing Chores and Duties

Chores around the house can get mundane and even boring, but they have to be done. How you do them makes all difference in the world, and there are ways to circumvent this monotony. They include switching off on duties that you both don’t particularly, like or sharing those together and bonding in a new way. You can even steal a few kisses and cuddles while cleaning out the attic, for example.

Remove the Distractions

The computer or television can be a killer of relationships and the more you engage your partner, the better you both will feel. Try to stay away from distractions as much as possible and learn to enjoy one another’s company more.


Relationships and how you feel in them will go up and down and the best way to rekindle the spark in your marriage is to learn how to work through any problems together.