What are the Benefits of Marriage Counseling


While 40 to 50 percent of marriages end in divorce on average according to the recent findings by the American Psychological Association, there is still plenty of hope and healing available for couples who do want to stay together and make it work. When it comes to improving relationships many people give marriage counseling a try because they don’t know what else to do and are desperate to save their marriage. If you are on the fence about whether you and your partner should attend marriage counseling together, then knowing the advantages of this therapeutic and judgement-free experience may just help to make up your mind and make an appointment. So, let’s have a look at the top benefits of marriage counseling

A Safe Environment

A location that is not the marital home offers a safe haven for couples to communicate without fear of retaliation. Being away from the primary residence in the presence of a third party also helps to minimize arguments and hostility that could very well happen behind closed doors.

Encourages Communication

Participants of marriage counseling are able to express their concerns and feelings more openly. Working with a trained professional who understands marriage and relationships is beneficial because a marriage counselor can guide the session and ensure that both parties are able to talk without having to worry about conflict since they are in a safe and supportive space. Spouses are able to voice their needs in a neutral environment in front of a trained marriage counseling professional, who is unbiased and will be there to help them try to overcome their issues.

Healthy Alternative

When couples go through rough patches in their marriage, some may try to cope with the stress by turning to unhealthy alternatives such as drinking. However, marriage counseling provides a healthier solution to alcohol and other substances that some people might otherwise turn to during times of trouble. Marriage counseling also offers a healthier alternative to other risky behaviors.

Helps to Prevent Divorce

Couples who take action and go through marriage counseling become stronger together. By learning more about how the other person feels during a marriage counseling session, they gain more clarity about their relationship and most likely will make more of an effort to try to stay together instead of splitting up for good.

So as you can see, marriage counseling can make a big difference in the lives of couples for better or for worse. While marriage counseling may not save all marriages in the end, the experience can certainly enhance the relationship of some couples who are indeed committed to working it out for the long-run. If couples are new to marriage counseling, they should try to be open and commit to attending a few sessions to really assess what they learn in each session so that they can figure out possible solutions to any problems, and make a knowledgeable, heart-felt decision of whether to stay or go.