12 Nov 2016

What I Wish I Had Said

What I wish I had said to my Trump-supporting family and friends before the election.

12 Mar 2015

Random (Austiny) Stuff List

Howdy, y’all. Can you tell by my accent that I’m currently in Texas?

I promise I’ll write you a real post all about all the cool things I’ve been seeing and doing and eating in Austin, but until then, here’s a random stuff list.

1. Since I arrived here, I’ve been on a mission […]

5 Dec 2014

Mitten List: Ride the North Pole Express

My ride on the North Pole Express in Owosso, Michigan. In which I learn that the North Pole is overrun by hobos. And liquor stores. And it’s AWESOME.

9 Nov 2014

How to Feel Travelly When You Can’t Actually Travel

Can’t travel, but still want to feel travelly? I’ve got you covered.

26 Nov 2013

Mitten List: Frankenmuth

I visited Frankenmuth, the cheesiest place ever. I mean that as a compliment.