7 Feb 2016

Random Stuff List

A round up of links, tidbits and other funsies for your Sunday.

28 Mar 2013

Thank You! I Got You Unicorns! And I’m Totally Not Even Lying This Time!

In case you missed the announcement at the end of my last post and the fifty billion times I screamed about it on the Facebook and the Twitter, this happened on Sunday:  

I could pretend to be all surprised and, like, “Wow, I had no idea I would win.”

But I’m not going to […]

5 Jan 2012

Stuff I Really Kind of Like About My Life in China: Chinese New Year

Before we get this thing started, I should probably mention that I’ve never actually experienced the Chinese New Year in China.

But I have a pretty good feeling about it.

From what I’ve seen so far, Chinese New Year involves lots of shiny stuff.

And dragons. (2012 being the Year of the Dragon, […]

25 Dec 2011

Introducing the New Unbrave Girl: Now with 100% More Sparkle

Merry Christmas*, y’all.

Now I know that we said that we wouldn’t be getting each other presents this year. (We said that, right? Or at least I know I said that.)

But I got you something anyway!


(Okay, if you’re reading this blog post on an RSS reader thingie or in an email, […]

23 Dec 2011

Stuff I Really Kind of Like About My Life in China: My New Bathrobe

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas here in Wuxi.

Christmas wreaths and glittery Santa Claus wall decorations have popped up in the shops and restaurants around town.

The big grocery stores have been blaring Christmas songs in English for the past month.  (And, seeing as I’m usually the only native English speaker […]