22 Dec 2016

How to Get a Boyfriend before Christmas

Hello out there to all my single lady gal-pals!

It’s holiday time, again!

And we all know what that means, right?

If you said, “Time for relaxing, spending time with family and loved ones and sharing gifts we’ve carefully selected for them,” then you are WRONG. And you obviously haven’t been watching all the […]

3 May 2016

Word Art for the Single Girl (or Guy)

Since moving into my new, bigger apartment in December, I’ve been spending a lot more time (and money) in home and decorating stores. Because MUST FILL ALL THE SPACE.

From my recent forays into the Home Goods and Pier Ones and World Markets in my area, I’ve noticed two things:

1. I don’t own […]

22 Feb 2015

5 Ways Curling is a Lot Like Being Single

There are tons of analogies out there about what it’s like to be in a relationship.

If you watch The Bachelor or The Bachelorette as much as I do (don’t judge), you know that you can’t get through a single episode without one of the contestants making some comparison between being in a relationship […]

14 Feb 2015

Random (Valentine’s Day-ish) Stuff List

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!

Despite having been single since dinosaurs went extinct, I actually kind of like Valentine’s Day. Probably because I look cute in red and because Valentine’s Day means Reese’s cup hearts, which are my third favorite holiday-shaped Reese’s cups after the pumpkins for Halloween and the Easter eggs. It’s important to […]

17 Feb 2014

The Go Solo Project: What I Did for Valentine’s Day

As you may recall back in November, I started up something called The Go Solo Project, in which I go solo to things. (Well, duh.)

But the project is not about going solo to just any old thing — it’s about going solo to things I wouldn’t normally feel comfortable going solo to.  Like, […]