6 Dec 2015

I’m Moving!

I’m moving! Five blocks away… but still.

1 Nov 2015

Random Stuff List

A list of cat links and other random stuff from my week.

12 Dec 2014

Random Stuff List

1. Last weekend, I took a whirlwind trip to Dayton, Ohio, to help reunite a Japanese friend with her high school English teacher who lives there.

This guy was AMAZING. He’s 73 years old and could still remember the names of all my friend’s classmates, the clubs she was in and the article she […]

28 Nov 2014

Random Stuff (I’m Thankful For) List

Happy Thanksgiving! This is what I’m thankful for… and it’s not just my cat. (But she’s definitely part of it.)

11 May 2014

10 Things My Mother Taught Me about Life, Love and Farm Animals (Well, mostly farm animals.)

Not every mother teaches her daughter how to milk a goat. Probably for a good reason, actually.