5 Feb 2016

Fear Friday: Wear Attention-Getting Pants

I am not a fashion risk-taker.

It’s true. My unbraveness even applies to my closet.

While I sometimes can get a bit kicky when it comes to tops (I’ve even been known to wear sequins! Like, on a weekday!), my pants and leggings and pretty much anything else I wear on my lower half come in exactly two […]

4 Feb 2016

5 Reasons to Go to A Writer’s Conference Even If You Hardly Ever Write

I know, what you’re thinking. Me? Why would I go to a writer’s conference? I don’t have a finished manuscript. Or even anything resembling a manuscript. I just have a couple dozen little stories on my computer. Half of which I refuse to even look at because I wrote them a billion years ago and I’m […]

3 Feb 2016

Why I Can’t Fit in My Pants Wednesday: My Students

Last week, one of my students arrived at my nine o’clock class, and rather than pulling out his textbook, he pulled out a huge Tupperware full of these little, crispy donuts. He proceeded to pull more things out of his bag: paper plates, a carafe of Arabic coffee, the teeny tiny little Dixie cups that […]

31 Jan 2016

Random Stuff List

Happy Sunday, all! I hope your day includes lying in bed much longer than you should, wearing yoga pants all day, and eating a chocolate bar for second breakfast. Because that’s pretty much what’s happening over here. Let’s start with some random stuff, shall we?

1. So, as you know I turned 40 last week […]

29 Jan 2016

Fear Friday: Turning Forty

It’s happened, you guys.

I’m forty.


And while people keep on telling me that it’s no big deal and that forty-is-the-new-twenty-six-and-a-half-minus-two-days, I’m just going to go ahead and admit that my transformation into middle-agedom descended upon me like a big pile of Depends undergarments this week.

Behold the evidence:

Every single […]