3 Sep 2011

The Solo Travel Girl’s Guide to Dealing with Unwanted Attention in Asia

A couple months ago, I got an email from a young woman who was planning on moving to China to teach English. After reading several blog posts and articles by other female travelers about the treatment of Western women in this part of the world, she was concerned. She’d read stories of women being […]

12 Jun 2011

Super Sized Me: The Big Girl’s Guide to Surviving Asia

It’s not easy being big in Asia.

And not, like, big-in-a-famous kind of way, but big-in-a-we-don’t-sell-your-size-here-so-don’t-even-try kind of way.

I know what you’re going to say — “But, Sally, you’re not fat!” (You were going to say that, right?! RIGHT?!).

It’s true.

I’m not fat… in America.

As far as Americans go, I’d say […]

5 Sep 2010

No More Travel Mojo? The Unbrave Girl’s Guide to Getting Your Groove Back

Right before I left Penang last week, a friend of mine came to town on business. Knowing that I had weathered my fair share of budget accommodation recently (despite being a very unbudget kind of girl), he offered to let me camp out in his five-star hotel room that was being paid for by […]

30 Aug 2010

Unbrave Girl on a Shoestring: How to Get your Travel Budget Back on Track

Budgeting is a lot like dieting.

They both take commitment and hard work.

They both require you to deprive yourself of many of the things you dearly love.

And they both make you really annoying to hang out with. No one wants to go out for nacho night with the girl who’s going carb-free […]

21 Aug 2010

From Solo to Social: The Unbrave Girl’s Guide to Making Friends on the Road

Traveling alone can be great. Really.

It gives you the freedom to do whatever you’d like, eat whatever you want, go wherever you desire, and stay for however long you feel. Traveling alone means you can subsist entirely on potato chips and chocolate for three days and no one will be the wiser. (Aside […]