9 Sep 2016

Fear Friday: Swim in Deep Water

Getting over my fear of swimming in deep water… and exposing my thighs in public. All with the help of a few pool noodles.

15 Jul 2016

Fear Friday: Solo Backpacking

That time I went solo backpacking. And didn’t die. Despite the Very Serious Hills from Hell.

13 May 2016

Fear Friday: Camp in an Active Bear Area

I camped at Sleeping Bear Dunes, an ACTIVE BEAR AREA. And, yes, the all caps ARE necessary, thankyouverymuch.

15 Apr 2016

Fear Friday: Public Speaking

I spoke in public and didn’t faint or die or get eaten by zombies. Yay, me!

1 Apr 2016

Fear Friday: Submit to a Writing Contest

In which I face my fear of being rejected and making people’s ears bleed. All at the same time.