15 Jul 2016

Fear Friday: Solo Backpacking

That time I went solo backpacking. And didn’t die. Despite the Very Serious Hills from Hell.

25 May 2016

Life Lessons Learned While Solo Camping

What I’ve learned while solo camping. Surprisingly nothing about how to make a fire. Maybe I should actually learn how to do that?

25 Mar 2016

When Your Home Becomes a Headline

What happens when the place you call home becomes the next tragic headline?

18 Mar 2016

Fear Friday: Learn How to Luge

In which I learn how to luge at the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex. Or, more accurately, I learn how to repeatedly flip off of the luge.

18 Nov 2015

Another Thing We Need to Stop Telling Women: What Is Brave and not Brave

On why you get to decide what’s brave and unbrave for you.