24 Dec 2016

Random Stuff List

A weekly round-up of tidbits, links and other random stuff.

22 Dec 2016

How to Get a Boyfriend before Christmas

Advice on how to get a boyfriend for the holidays based on every made-for-TV Christmas movie ever. You’ve been warned.

25 Dec 2014

Random (Christmassy) Stuff List

Merry Christmas! I made you this list. I’m sure it’s EXACTLY what you wanted, right?

18 Dec 2013

My Favorite Things (Or “Stuff I Would Totally Buy Someone If I Hadn’t Already Bought It For Myself.”)

In which I go a little Oprah on all of you and tell you about my favorite things.

26 Nov 2013

Mitten List: Frankenmuth

I visited Frankenmuth, the cheesiest place ever. I mean that as a compliment.