11 Jan 2015

Random Stuff List

Happy Sunday funday, folks. Here’s some random stuff for you:

1. This week was my last week of winter break which meant I spent the entire week hanging out in my flannel polka-dotted pajamas and pink fluffy slippers, staring at that big long list of ALL THE THINGS I was going to do over […]

25 Dec 2014

Random (Christmassy) Stuff List

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates! And happy Thursday to all! In honor of the holiday (and Thursday), I made you this list!

I’m sure it’s just what you wanted, right?

1. On Monday, I drove from Michigan to Buffalo, so I could celebrate the holidays with family. Prior to my trip, my inner […]

12 Dec 2014

Random Stuff List

1. Last weekend, I took a whirlwind trip to Dayton, Ohio, to help reunite a Japanese friend with her high school English teacher who lives there.

This guy was AMAZING. He’s 73 years old and could still remember the names of all my friend’s classmates, the clubs she was in and the article she […]

28 Nov 2014

Random Stuff (I’m Thankful For) List

Happy belated Thanksgiving to all my American friends!

And happy belated Thursday to everyone else!

Since I’m traveling for the rest of the holiday weekend, I decided to spend Thanksgiving at home with my cat. Which I know sounds sad and lonely, but it really wasn’t. It was actually quite lovely.

I made pie in […]

23 Nov 2014

My Winter Bucket List

This post may seem a bit premature to all you folks living in parts of the world that don’t happen to be Michigan.

Or, umm, Buffalo. (Insert “Holy cannoli, Buffalo, seven feet of snow??? Way to go crazy without me” emoji here.)

You’re probably like, “Wait? What? Winter? Why are you talking about winter […]