5 Feb 2016

Fear Friday: Wear Attention-Getting Pants

I am not a fashion risk-taker.

It’s true. My unbraveness even applies to my closet.

While I sometimes can get a bit kicky when it comes to tops (I’ve even been known to wear sequins! Like, on a weekday!), my pants and leggings and pretty much anything else I wear on my lower half come in exactly two […]

4 Feb 2016

5 Reasons to Go to A Writer’s Conference Even If You Hardly Ever Write

I know, what you’re thinking. Me? Why would I go to a writer’s conference? I don’t have a finished manuscript. Or even anything resembling a manuscript. I just have a couple dozen little stories on my computer. Half of which I refuse to even look at because I wrote them a billion years ago and I’m […]

31 Jan 2016

Random Stuff List

Happy Sunday, all! I hope your day includes lying in bed much longer than you should, wearing yoga pants all day, and eating a chocolate bar for second breakfast. Because that’s pretty much what’s happening over here. Let’s start with some random stuff, shall we?

1. So, as you know I turned 40 last week […]

24 Jan 2016

Random Stuff List

Howdy, friends! How’s your Sunday? Are you ready for another exciting post featuring slow cooker recipes and photos of my cat? Let’s do this.

1. Errmmm, so today’s my 40th birthday. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I’m usually not one to get all freaked out about my birthday or my age, but, YOU GUYS, 40 sounds so ADULT. Like, at […]

22 Jan 2016

Fear Friday: That Time I Told A Story In Front of 200 People in a Bar

After I bought my tickets for The Moth story slam in Detroit, I half-heartedly went about the business of preparing a story to tell.

In case you’re not an NPR-nerd and don’t know how The Moth works, this is basically what happens:

Two-hundred-some people show up at a venue. A very small percentage of those people […]