23 Aug 2015

Random Stuff List

Howdy, folks!

Okay, enough chit-chat, let’s get started.

1. Hey, remember how I told you that I was going to do a reading this week with two other writers and how I was totally going to die or at least hyperventilate and break out into hives?

Umm, I actually did kinda good. In fact, […]

16 Aug 2015

Random Stuff List

Howdy, folks! I just got back from a week and a half trip to my hometown of Buffalo, NY. And, as with every time I go home, I found myself in a struggle between wanting to do/eat/see ALL THE THINGS and wanting to hang out on my parent’s enormous couch watching television in real […]

2 Aug 2015

Random Stuff List

You guys, how is it August already??? AUGUST! I’m already freaking out about the fact that I have about eleventy-jillion SUPER FUN SUMMER THINGS I NEED TO DO BEFORE MY BREAK ENDS. And then I walked into Target and saw the school supplies and almost had a heart attack. Gah!

1. I have some […]

26 Jul 2015

Random Stuff List

Hey guys! I just got back from my big solo-camping/hiking/boat-riding/pasty-eating, Upper Peninsula adventure.

And by “just” I mean “a full week ago, but I’ve been too busy watching every single episode of Inside Amy Schumer on Hulu and taking afternoon naps with my cat to update my blog.”

I swear to you, I have […]

5 Jul 2015

Random Stuff List

1. You guys, I made two (TWO!) pies for a Fourth of July party that I went to yesterday.

A year ago, I made my first ever pie and I felt like I deserved an award for managing just that. And now I’m baking two pies? At the same time? Who the heck am […]