12 Oct 2014

Random Stuff List

Did you ever have one of those weeks where all these little annoying things just kind of pile up until they become one big mountain of annoying horribleness and all you want to do is avoid everything by hiding in bed all day even if that means that your cat will take this as [...]

5 Oct 2014

Reasons Why Even the Most Irritable, Antisocial, Solo Traveler Should Travel with Other People Every Once in a While

You guys, you guys, you guys.

I survived last weekend’s camping trip!

This may not sound all that amazing and death-defying. That is, until I inform you that the camping trip consisted of me and eight other people.


That’s at least eight more people than I usually travel with.

I’m going to be [...]

26 Sep 2014

Random Stuff List

I am notoriously horrible at reading other blogs, but the few blogs that I do regularly read and enjoy (like this one and this one and this one), all do this thing about once a week where they write a random list of fun stuff or fun links or some other random funness.

I [...]

8 Jun 2014

The Week in Kitten Links

Happy Sunday, y’all.

And, yes, this is another post about kittens.

I’m sorry.

Okay, I’m not sorry at all BECAUSE KITTENS, OKAY. And the moment I become sorry about kittens is the moment you should call the police because obviously my body has been invaded by kitten-hating aliens, and I’ll need to be shot.

In [...]

28 May 2014

10 Ways Having a Kitten is Kind of Like Having a Kid

In case you missed this post last week or the eleventy kajillion kitten photos I’ve posted on Instagram and Facebook, I have a cat now, you guys!

As much as I’m loving being a new kitty owner, I have to admit that having a kitten is much harder work than I thought it would [...]