29 May 2016

Random Stuff List

Howdy folks!

For all my readers living in the States, I hope you’re enjoying your long weekend. For those of you in other parts of the world, ummmm, here’s hoping you’re loving every last inch of your Sunday and your coffee is strong on Monday.

Let’s random stuff, shall we?

1. I drove to Buffalo […]

22 May 2016

Random Stuff List

Oh, geez, it’s Sunday, isn’t it?

How about we start this week off right. And by “right” I mean with “random stuff that entertained me on the Internet.” I hope that’s your definition of right, too.

1. It was my two-year George-iversary this week! Yep, two years ago, I was walking home from work […]

15 May 2016

Random Stuff List

Howdy ho, friends!

How has your week been? Mine’s been pretty quiet. I went back to work (boo!), I battled the tail-end of a cold (boo!), and worked on my French toast game (yay!).

Let’s talk Internet links, my current TV addictions and other funsies, shall we?

1. This post made me scream, “YASSS!” about a […]

8 May 2016

Random Stuff List

Happy Sunday, y’all. And Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers, step-mothers, adoptive-mothers, foster-mothers and other-mothers out there. I’m in awe of what you do because, Lord knows, I couldn’t. I swear I’m gonna lose it every time my cat meows for ten minutes straight. I couldn’t imagine if my cat was an actual human […]

3 May 2016

Word Art for the Single Girl (or Guy)

Since moving into my new, bigger apartment in December, I’ve been spending a lot more time (and money) in home and decorating stores. Because MUST FILL ALL THE SPACE.

From my recent forays into the Home Goods and Pier Ones and World Markets in my area, I’ve noticed two things:

1. I don’t own […]