22 Jan 2016

Fear Friday: That Time I Told A Story In Front of 200 People in a Bar

After I bought my tickets for The Moth story slam in Detroit, I half-heartedly went about the business of preparing a story to tell.

In case you’re not an NPR-nerd and don’t know how The Moth works, this is basically what happens:

Two-hundred-some people show up at a venue. A very small percentage of those people […]

6 Dec 2015

I’m Moving!

Umm, you guys I’ve got some BIG NEWS.

I’m moving!

Okay, before you get too excited, I should probably mention that unlike my previous moves, this time I am not moving halfway across the globe or even the country.

I’m just moving about five blocks away. But still: YAY! SO EXCITED!

However, if you […]

26 Nov 2015

6 Things I’m Thankful For Even Though They Totally Suck

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends out there! And happy random Thursday to all you other folks!

I was going to write a post about all the things I’m thankful for this year, but then I decided that’s been a bit overdone. Like, by every single blogger in the universe ever.

Heck, I’ve […]

20 Sep 2015

Random Stuff List

Hey, remember last week when I promised I’d write a real blog post this week and not just another random stuff list.


In my defense I’ve been super busy with work — the beginning of the semester is always crazy busy and exhausting.

Plus, I thought I was done binge-watching The Good Wife after […]

13 Sep 2015

Random Stuff List

Hey, you know how almost every week, I write a random stuff list, and I’m like, “Okay, you guys, next week I’m totally going to write a real post and not just another random stuff list,” and you’re like, “Uh huh, sure you will.”

Yeah that.

Moving on… here’s another random stuff list!

(I promise next […]