20 Sep 2015

Random Stuff List

Hey, remember last week when I promised I’d write a real blog post this week and not just another random stuff list.


In my defense I’ve been super busy with work — the beginning of the semester is always crazy busy and exhausting.

Plus, I thought I was done binge-watching The Good Wife after […]

13 Sep 2015

Random Stuff List

Hey, you know how almost every week, I write a random stuff list, and I’m like, “Okay, you guys, next week I’m totally going to write a real post and not just another random stuff list,” and you’re like, “Uh huh, sure you will.”

Yeah that.

Moving on… here’s another random stuff list!

(I promise next […]

6 Sep 2015

Random Stuff List

Oh, hello there. How are you? I’m enjoying my Labor Day weekend by not laboring at all. Unless, you count binge-watching the last two seasons of The Good Wife laboring. In which case, I’ve been working SO HARD, YOU GUYS. Also, can I please have all of Julianna Margulies’ suit jackets in my size, please? […]

27 Aug 2015

The Solo Traveler’s Guide to Avoiding People

I know what you’re thinking.

“But, Sally, if I’m traveling alone, shouldn’t I want to meet people, not avoid them?”

To which I respond: Umm, okay, if that’s your thing.

And if that is your thing, there are tons of really helpful, informative blog posts out there all about how to meet people while you’re […]

16 Aug 2015

Random Stuff List

Howdy, folks! I just got back from a week and a half trip to my hometown of Buffalo, NY. And, as with every time I go home, I found myself in a struggle between wanting to do/eat/see ALL THE THINGS and wanting to hang out on my parent’s enormous couch watching television in real […]