10 Mar 2013

8 Questions You Keep Asking Me About Teaching ESL Overseas

Ever since I started my advice column thingie a few weeks ago, I’ve been getting lots of questions about teaching English overseas.

Because, apparently, you spend ten years of your life doing something and you get a degree in the stuff and people actually expect you to know what you’re doing.


People and [...]

9 Sep 2012

5 Things I Don’t Miss About China (Even though I don’t remember not liking them when I lived there)

After writing that post a few weeks ago about all the stuff I miss about living in China, I thought it would only be fair to write a post about the stuff I don’t miss.

You know, because I’m all about balance. Except, of course, when it comes to dessert.

Much like the stuff [...]

16 Feb 2012

Stuff I Really Kind of Like About My Life in China: First Day of Class

This week was the first week of classes for the spring semester at the university where I teach.

As a teacher, I can’t think of anything better than the first day of class, really.

Well, besides, the last day of class.

And, you know, all those days I don’t have class.

But the first [...]

5 Nov 2011

8 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Becoming an ESL Teacher Overseas

I’m going to do something I don’t do very much on this here blog.

I’m going to write about a subject I am actually qualified to write about.

Just don’t get too used to it, okay?

After all, I’d hate to ruin my reputation as a totally unreliable source of information on the Internet.


25 Sep 2011

Dreaming Big, Aiming Low & Figuring Out What I Want to Be When I Grow Up

A while back, I wrote that one of the things I love about Americans is that we know how to dream big. As kids, we all want to be rock stars and dolphin trainers and astronauts when we grow up. And, bless our little hearts, we all believe that given enough willpower and elbow [...]