21 May 2015

Books That Will Make You Want to Buy a Plane Ticket Right Now: At Water’s Edge

This post is from my new series of book reviews about travelly books, which will probably make you want to buy a plane ticket if you read them.

Or, at least, these books are really making me want to buy a plane ticket.

But that’s nothing new. I pretty much ALWAYS want […]

14 May 2015

Books That Will Make You Want to Buy a Plane Ticket Right Now: Diamond Head

I’m starting a new series, you guys! It’s going to combine two of my favoritest things: books and travel. Basically, I’m going to read books set in far-flung places, so that I can tell you all about them. And then I’m going to resist the urge to promptly pull out my credit card and […]

12 Apr 2015

Random Stuff List

Oh, umm, hi?

You know how I said in my last random stuff list that I was totally going to write some real posts reeeaaaalllll soon.

Well, I lied.

Or, at least, I half-lied.

You see, I have a whole bunch of half-written real posts. Including one about how I showed up at the […]

29 Mar 2015

Random Stuff List

Hey guys, remember me?

Also remember when I used to write about things and not just stuff?

Errm, that sentence made a lot more sense in my head. But you get what I mean, right?

Anyway, I’d like to apologize for my absence as of late. And for the fact that all my posts […]

21 Apr 2014

100 Happy Days: Day 1

Prepare yourself, you guys.

For the next one hundred days, I’m going to be bombarding you with happiness. Like, literally, blasting you with joy. Blowing up the old internet machine with warm hugs and rainbows and cupcakes with jelly beans on top.

You see, I’ve signed up for the 100 Happy Days challenge