29 Jun 2014

How to Make a Pie Because You Told All the Internet You’d Make a Pie

Every once in a while I regret having a blog.

Like when something mildly interesting (or not even interesting at all) happens and a friend or family member’s first reaction is to say, “You should blog about that.”

Or when all I want to do is watch bad reality television shows, but I feel [...]

12 Jun 2014

Mitten List: The National Asparagus Festival

I almost didn’t go to the National Asparagus Festival this weekend.

It was a two-hour drive away.

I had a stack of papers to grade.

But, most of all, I was worried that it wouldn’t be, well, asparagussy enough.

I know this may not seem like a valid concern. I mean, it is an [...]

30 Mar 2014

March Gratitude List

You guys, it’s almost April!

Holy canoli, what the heck happened to March?

Oh wait.

I think I remember.

First, I went to New York and ATE ALL THE FOOD.

And then I got back to Michigan, where it snowed a whole bunch, and I watched every single episode of  Scandal on Netflix until I [...]

19 Jan 2014

Split Pea Soup for the Broken Hearted

I had a much happier blog post planned for today.

But I can’t even, you guys.

I just can’t even right now.

You see, my car’s not starting. AGAIN. And, while I have no problem functioning without a functioning car, I do have a problem with spending a bajillion dollars getting my car fixed and [...]

19 Jul 2013

Walking 15 Miles on the Erie Canal (Well, more like 4. But in flip-flops. So practically 15.)

This is my last post for my Erie Canal Week Series on my blog. Which only took me three weeks.

But, seriously, who’s counting?

Obviously, not ME.

I have this thing I like to do when I arrive in a new place.

I walk.

But I don’t walk like a normal person might [...]