13 Jul 2014

The 7 Stages of Hiking Sleeping Bear Dunes

When I learned that the campground where I was planning to camp last weekend was only forty minutes away from Sleeping Bear Dunes, I decided I should stop by there on my way.

After all, I’d have a few hours to kill before I could check into the campground, and I figured I could [...]

12 Jun 2014

Mitten List: The National Asparagus Festival

I almost didn’t go to the National Asparagus Festival this weekend.

It was a two-hour drive away.

I had a stack of papers to grade.

But, most of all, I was worried that it wouldn’t be, well, asparagussy enough.

I know this may not seem like a valid concern. I mean, it is an [...]

16 May 2014

Mitten List: Tulip Time Festival

Confession time: I went to the Tulip Time Festival in Holland, Michigan last year, but I never told you about it.

This is not because it wasn’t totally blog-worthy.

I mean, you’re talking to a girl who regularly blogs about pants. So it’s not like I have particularly high standards.

But, as far as [...]

2 May 2014

10 Things I Learned at the Grand Rapids Public Museum

I have something of a love-hate relationship with museums.

Well, maybe not exactly love-hate.


You see, I love visiting museums because I love learning random tidbits about history or science or celery or Jello.

But I can really only take about an hour of museum-going before I’m tired and cranky and [...]

1 Mar 2014

Mitten List: South Haven Lighthouse

Michigan is more than a bit obsessed with their lighthouses.

They have more lighthouses than any other state in the country, and they don’t really let you forget it.

You can buy lighthouse postcards and put a lighthouse license plate on your car. It’s not uncommon to find entire racks full of lighthouse brochures [...]