4 Aug 2015

A Tale of Two Lighthouses: Crisp Point & Whitefish Point

The day after my four-mile-which-felt-like-four-billion-mile hike in Tahquamenon State Park, I decided to take things easy.

I should probably mention here that almost every time I decide to “take things easy” my plans backfire on me and I end up doing something ridiculous and grueling and really stressful. Like climbing every single sand dune […]

16 Jun 2015

Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive (Or “How to do Sleeping Bear Dunes without wanting to die a billion times.”)

You know that expression about learning from your mistakes?

Well, I never really thought that applied to me.

Instead I tend to repeat my mistakes.

Over and over and over again.

And then a few more times for good measure.

Experience and age have brought me many things. An appreciation for sensible shoes. That […]

19 May 2015

Mitten List: Binder Park Zoo (Or “That Time I Went to Africa. In Michigan.”)

This post is from my series of posts about all the places I visit, the things I do, the food I eat, and, of course, the beer I drink here in the Mitten State. To see the full list of things I’d like to do and things I’ve already done here in Michigan, check […]

23 Apr 2015

That Time I Was Tricked into being a Ghostbuster in San Antonio

I truly believe there are 2 types of friends in this world:

1. Friends who will not try to trick you into staying in a haunted hotel. Probably because they know you will try to kill them if they do.

2. Friends who totally will try to trick you into staying in a haunted […]

15 Apr 2015

Why I’m the Worst Tourist Ever (Or “How I ended up at the Alamo tipsy.”)

The plan was to go to the Alamo first as soon as we arrived in San Antonio.

And then once we’d gotten our fill of historic facts, we were going to head to the Riverwalk where we’d get our fill of tacos and tequila.

But then we spotted the huge line on the sidewalk […]