1 Mar 2014

Mitten List: South Haven Lighthouse

Michigan is more than a bit obsessed with their lighthouses.

They have more lighthouses than any other state in the country, and they don’t really let you forget it.

You can buy lighthouse postcards and put a lighthouse license plate on your car. It’s not uncommon to find entire racks full of lighthouse brochures [...]

26 Nov 2013

Mitten List: Frankenmuth

It will be a surprise to no one that I love cheese.

Both the kind of cheese that’s served up on a cracker.

And the kind of cheese that’s all about the twinkle lights and corny music and excessive amounts of glitter.

So when I say that Frankenmuth may very well be one of the [...]

30 Sep 2013

Mitten List: ArtPrize

  I’m starting a new series called Mitten List. It’s like a bucket list, but instead of being a list of all the things I want to do and see before I die, it’s a list of all the things I want to do and see before I leave Michigan.

Or before I die.


22 Sep 2013

Six Signs I May (or May Not) Have Moved to the Right Place

I never did tell you the reason I moved to Michigan.

I mean the real reason.

Sure, I told you all that business about my new job and wanting to be part of a community and trying something new while not being too far from my family and blahdeblahblah.

But these are not the [...]

19 Aug 2013

5 Things to Do in Niagara Falls, USA (Or “Why the American Side is Way Better. So There.”)

I have been to Niagara Falls more times than I can count.

Seriously, you guys.

I’m not saying this just because I’m particularly bad at counting. Which I am.

I’m saying this because I’ve been there like a lot of times. This is just what happens when you grow up less than twenty miles [...]