27 Mar 2017

Confessions of an Online Dating Drop-Out

I signed up for three months of online dating. I lasted exactly two. Here’s my story.

9 Sep 2016

Fear Friday: Swim in Deep Water

Getting over my fear of swimming in deep water… and exposing my thighs in public. All with the help of a few pool noodles.

15 Jul 2016

Fear Friday: Solo Backpacking

That time I went solo backpacking. And didn’t die. Despite the Very Serious Hills from Hell.

30 Jun 2016

4 Steps to Prepare for Your First Ever Solo Backpacking Trip

Don’t know what to do to get ready for your first ever solo backpacking trip? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. Kind of.

25 May 2016

Life Lessons Learned While Solo Camping

What I’ve learned while solo camping. Surprisingly nothing about how to make a fire. Maybe I should actually learn how to do that?