16 Mar 2014

On speaking at Women’s Travel Fest (Or “On not hyperventilating nearly as much as I thought I would.”)

Last weekend, I did one of the scariest things I have probably ever done in my thirty-eight years of life.

And it wasn’t even by accident.

You see, usually, that’s how I find myself doing super duper scary stuff. Like that time I went hiking through a field of unexploded ordinances in Laos. That [...]

1 Mar 2014

Mitten List: South Haven Lighthouse

Michigan is more than a bit obsessed with their lighthouses.

They have more lighthouses than any other state in the country, and they don’t really let you forget it.

You can buy lighthouse postcards and put a lighthouse license plate on your car. It’s not uncommon to find entire racks full of lighthouse brochures [...]

17 Feb 2014

The Go Solo Project: What I Did for Valentine’s Day

As you may recall back in November, I started up something called The Go Solo Project, in which I go solo to things. (Well, duh.)

But the project is not about going solo to just any old thing — it’s about going solo to things I wouldn’t normally feel comfortable going solo to.  Like, [...]

5 Dec 2013

The Go Solo Project: How to Eat Out by Yourself Like a Boss

The strangest thing happened to me this weekend.

Okay, so a few strange things happened to me.

First, I ended up on something called the Holly Jolly Trolley. (This is not the strange part of the story. This is the awesome part. Because HOLLY JOLLY TROLLEY, YOU GUYS! THAT EXISTS!)

While I was sitting [...]

19 Nov 2013

Mitten List: Survive a (Kind of) Tornado

In all honesty, surviving a tornado was never on my Mitten List — the list of things I want to do and see while I’m living in Michigan.

Mostly because my Mitten List is pretty much just a really long list of microbrew beer from Michigan I feel I need to drink. Which reminds me: [...]