24 Jul 2014

The Crankypant’s Guide to Surviving Summer Fairs & Festivals

When I was a kid, the county fair was EVERYTHING.


My family didn’t travel much, so my brothers and sisters and I spent our summers dressing up goats in doll dresses, locking each other in the chicken barn and waiting impatiently for the fair.

Seriously, the fair was like Disneyland and Disney World […]

29 Jan 2014

Advice You Really Shouldn’t Follow: Moving to the United States

Hey, remember when people used to write me, asking me for advice, and I would give it to them right here on this blog.

It’s been a while since that happened, huh?

You probably thought this was because people stopped asking me for advice. This would make sense, really. I mean, this is ME […]

10 Apr 2013

Advice You Really Shouldn’t Follow: How to Become Famous on the Internet

It’s been a while since I’ve dished out some advice.

Probably because it’s been a while since any of you have asked me for advice.

I can’t imagine why.

After absolutely no new advice questions for weeks, I finally got an email the other day from the adorably named Mumun. The email came with the […]

7 Mar 2013

Advice You Really Shouldn’t Follow: How To Travel With Annoying People

This week’s question appeared in the comments section for my last advice column, and it goes something like this:


Here’s a question for you. Next month I’m traveling to France with my daughter for her eighth-grade class trip. She’s been in a French immersion program for 8 years […]

21 Feb 2013

Advice You Really Shouldn’t Follow: How to Begin Traveling

Has it really only been one week since I started my advice column?

Because, seriously, guys, I’m already feeling a lot wiser.

Or, at least, a lot older.

But, hey, nothing a little Nice ‘n Easy can’t fix.

Let’s get to this week’s question, shall we?

After all, I don’t have a lot of […]