31 Jul 2016

Random Stuff List

Well, howdy ho, friends.

Welcome to my Random Stuff List in which I write about the random goings-ons and linky-loos that make up my week. And you guys are all polite about it and pretend that this is actually a real blog post.

1. This week started off with an unexpected visit from my friend, […]

24 Jul 2016

Random Stuff List

Oh, hello, there, friends. I know it seems like FOREVER since my last Random Stuff List. Probably because it has been FOREVER. I don’t even know how you’ve survived not knowing what I’m doing/eating/reading/watching. It’s probably been super tough for you.

But, that’s all about to be remedied because here I am back with […]

15 Jul 2016

Fear Friday: Solo Backpacking

“It’s a seven-mile hike-in, you know?”

That was the second time the park ranger had mentioned the distance I’d have to trek in order to get to the rustic campsite I had booked for my first ever solo backpacking trip at a state park near Ann Arbor.

Was that skepticism in her voice? Or was that my own skepticism […]

10 Jul 2016

Random Stuff List

Hi friends,

Gosh, it’s been a tough week. Particularly here in the States.  And it’s not like the weeks before this week have been particularly easy either. It’s weeks like this that I find it really hard to write up a silly list of the all the stuff I’m eating and reading and watching. But maybe […]