30 Jun 2016

4 Steps to Prepare for Your First Ever Solo Backpacking Trip

Don’t know what to do to get ready for your first ever solo backpacking trip? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. Kind of.

26 Jun 2016

Random Stuff List

A weekly round-up of links, thingamajigs and other stuff.

16 Jun 2016

On Safety and Privilege (and why they’re basically the same thing)

Why feeling safe is not a lie — it’s a privilege.

12 Jun 2016

Random Stuff List

My weekly roundup of links, videos, tidbits and other random stuff.

9 Jun 2016

5 Reasons to Blog that Have Nothing to Do with Money or Free Stuff

Do you want to use your blog to make tons of money and score loads of free stuff? I can’t help you! But I can tell you why I blog.