New Apartment Tour: My Living Room

April 27, 2016

New Apartment Tour: My Living Room / Unbrave Girl

It’s been about a month since I showed you around the kitchen of my new apartment, I figure it’s about time you see more of my place.

Let’s mosey on down to the living room, shall we?

Here’s a fun fact about my new place: it’s a converted second floor of an old house. So all the rooms, including the kitchen and living room, are former bedrooms. Which means all the rooms have doors on them.

New Apartment Tour: My Living Room / Unbrave Girl

Since my living room doubles as my guest room (hint, hint, would-be guests), I love the fact that both my guests and I can have our own private spaces. Basically we can both shut our doors and never have to see or hear each other the entire time they’re visiting me. Doesn’t that sound really perfect?

Another super fun perk of having a living room that was formerly known as a bedroom (excuse the bad Prince reference, my heart is still breaking): It has it’s very own bedroom closet. Which now acts as an office supplies/linens/camping gear/random other stuff closet.

New Apartment Tour: My Living Room / Unbrave Girl

My days of using my car trunk as extra storage space are behind me. Wheeeeeee!

Oh, but I forgot to introduce you to my bookshelf, which holds approximately ten books I’ve never read because I like all my books to appear magically via Kindle. Why, yes, my alma mater has called and they’d like their English degree back, why do you ask?

New Apartment Tour: My Living Room / Unbrave Girl

Since I don’t have any books to put in my book shelf, I’ve filled it up with other useful things. Like this handy metal purse that I bought at a night market in Thailand. Seriously, you guys, how many times have you been like, “Geez, I like my purse, but I wish it was more metally”? I bet you say that all the time, right?

New Apartment Tour: My Living Room / Unbrave Girl

Also super handy: these mini-pyramids that a student gave me from Egypt. Seeing as I later failed that same student (I KNOW, I’M THE WORST), I feel there’s a strong possibility these things are possessed by the spirits of angry gods.

New Apartment Tour: My Living Room / Unbrave Girl

Next up: this ink painting I bought from a toothless old man in a subway in China for exactly $3. It was an odd shape that I could never find a frame for because, apparently, toothless old Chinese ink painters don’t give a crap about the frame sizes available at your local Hobby Lobby. So I decided to cut it in two and put it into two frames.

New Apartment Tour: My Living Room / Unbrave Girl

Sure, I could have had it custom-framed, but why pay a professional to do something when I could just do it half-assedly all by myself? Besides, I’m kind of digging it. I feel like it’s super artsy looking now, don’t you think?

And, while I’m going down memory lane telling you about all the places I’ve picked things up, can we talk about this brass tea table?

New Apartment Tour: My Living Room / Unbrave Girl

I bought this table along with a goat-skin lamp while I was backpacking through Morocco because that makes sense, right? I mean, here I was, traveling with a teeny, tiny backpack that wasn’t even big enough for second pair of shoes, but, hey, why not pick up some decorative housewares that smell like goat? I ended up dragging both the table and the lamp through Spain and Portugal for another month until I finally went home to the States. The lamp has since bit it (apparently there is an expiration date for goat-skinned decorative housewares), but I still have the table because, AHHH, MEMORIES!

Also, because it makes my beer look super exotic and totally classy, don’t you think?

Now, let’s talk couch. If you’re a long-time reader of my blog, you know I love me a good couch. I can’t say my current couch is as amazing as the orange and brown wonder that existed in my apartment in China. But my new couch folds out into a bed for all my would-be guests (hint, hint). And it was free thanks to my personal furniture delivery service (aka my mom).

New Apartment Tour: My Living Room / Unbrave Girl

Also courtesy of my mom’s free furniture delivery service: this chair for guests (hint-hint). Sure, you could sit on my couch, but then you might disturb the butt dent that I’ve diligently been working on creating.

New Apartment Tour: My Living Room / Unbrave Girl

My mom also delivers handmade curtains. And hangs them up. While her ungrateful, useless daughter (aka me) sits in the kitchen, reading Facebook and eating the homemade cookies she also brought.

New Apartment Tour: My Living Room / Unbrave Girl

I’m sure you’re like, “Wow, this is great. Mini-pyramids haunted by evil gods. Totally useful metal purses. A Moroccan tea table that still smells faintly of goat. A free couch? How could this room possibly get any better?”

Well, it’s about to get better!


New Apartment Tour: My Living Room / Unbrave Girl

It only took me an entire day and about fifty billion nails (shhhh… don’t tell my landlords).

The night after putting it up, I kept on waking up to sneak into my living room to stare at my creation in wonder and whisper to myself, “I made THIS.” I felt like the awe-struck mother of a newborn. Except my newborn will never turn sixteen and steal my car to go out drinking with his buddies.

I love that it includes pictures, artwork and souvenirs from so many places and people in my life. There’s a photo that a best friend from college took. A pencil drawing that my grandmother did. Paper cuts from China. A necklace from Brazil. An ornament from Japan. A block print from Thailand. Presents from former students. And at least three postcards that I totally meant to send to people and never did.

New Apartment Tour: My Living Room / Unbrave Girl

Plus, I love the fact that having a gallery wall around the TV keeps the TV from being the focal point of the room. It makes me seem like some artsy, cultured person.

And not like a lazy, garbage person who spends 50 hours out of her week eating pizza and binge-watching Hulu while actively working on etching a butt-dent into her couch.

New Apartment Tour: My Living Room / Unbrave Girl

Thanks again for hanging out with me in my home! Now it’s your turn to share! What item did you buy while traveling that was totally ridiculous (and possibly smelled of goat) but you love it anyway because MEMORIES?


I've blathered on long enough! Now it's your turn!

  1. On April 27, 2016 at 11:46 am zoe said:

    I love the picture wall!

    I have never bought anything made of goat, but about 5 years ago I bought 2 large skeins of yarn in Tallinn, Estonia, with the full conviction I could get the smell of lanolin out of them before knitting a sweater.

    If there’s a product that removes the smell of lanolin, I’m yet to find it.
    zoe recently posted..Wine and pancakes and sandwiches.

    • On April 27, 2016 at 7:27 pm Sally said:

      I’m assuming lanolin smells like sheep? So kind of goatish? Yikes, that sounds smelly!

    • On April 28, 2016 at 12:00 am Molly said:

      If you haven’t tried it, there’s a bar soap called ‘Cra-Z Soap’ that might work. (it’s on ebay) It removes greasy stuff well, and I’ve removed saturated perfume from clothing with it when nothing else worked.

  2. On April 27, 2016 at 3:17 pm Tiffany said:

    When visiting Cuba, most things wouldn’t get through customs, but I was able to bring back a couple of drawings from the local kids that I played games with. So many precious memories.

  3. On April 27, 2016 at 3:53 pm MomQueenBee said:

    An above-the-sofa-sized watercolor of a campesino, already conveniently framed WITH GLASS. This souvenir of my Peace Corps days in Costa Rica required me to carry it through six different airports, saying “I’m so sorry, excuse me, careful there, sorry, excuse me” the entire time. But it was cheap.
    MomQueenBee recently posted..It’s Alive!

  4. On April 27, 2016 at 8:13 pm Leslie in Oregon said:

    Your house looks wonderful…both the house itself and what you have added to it. Your memorabilia is beautiful and fascinating.

    During much of the time I flew for Pan Am, I was also a law student or baby lawyer and so had no time or money for shopping during layovers. For that reason, most of the mementoes I brought home were stones, branches, leaves which I no longer can link to a memory. As an animal lover, I am ashamed to admit that I also brought a small goat-skin wall-hanging back from Argentina and a bundle of sheepskin rugs back from New Zealand.

  5. On April 27, 2016 at 10:51 pm krishnakumarpradhan said:

    Don’t you think the more animal skins you use,the more animals wil be killed to fill up the market with animal skins again?

    • On April 28, 2016 at 8:46 am Sally said:

      For me I figure if it’s a goat or sheep or cow, those animals were probably already being killed for meat anyway. So if their meat is going to be used, why not use their skin, too? In fact, I’m an advocate of using all parts of the animal if possible. Mind you, I grew up on a farm where slaughtering animals for food was pretty common. But our animals were treated very well during their lives, so I never felt that bad about it. Plus, I’m not a vegetarian (although I don’t tend to eat a lot of meat during my daily life). So I think my views would be quiet different if I didn’t eat meat.
      However, with animals like mink and fox, which are only killed for their skin, I feel differently. Especially exotic animals like tigers, etc. I don’t support that at all.

  6. On April 28, 2016 at 12:53 am Molly said:

    Your place is coming together wonderfully! I’ve been living in my place for nearly 3 years and I’m still unpacking things and doing small finishing bits with paint and caulking haha ugh… Forget any legit decorating, there is nothing on the walls. I’ll have to get on that. I don’t think I bought anything ridic… small pewter animals are reasonable, right?

    • On April 28, 2016 at 8:52 am Sally said:

      Thank you, Molly! It helps that I’m renting, so I don’t have to do stuff like paint or caulk. I just call my landlords who live downstairs to do all the tricky stuff like that. 🙂

  7. On April 29, 2016 at 10:36 am RR Gilmore said:

    Love that gallery wall!!

  8. On May 1, 2016 at 5:14 am Priya said:

    Ohh, all the rooms have doors. What? Does this mean I have to make a trip to see Sally and George again? I’ll be back in the states soon. (Cough, cough. hint, hint).
    Priya recently posted..I Really Loved Abel Tasman National Park

    • On May 1, 2016 at 12:00 pm Sally said:

      It does make it much more easier for cat-phobic or cat-allergic friends to visit…. that is until George learns how to turn door knobs. Which I imagine is going to happen in a few days…. she’s already learned how to pop out the window screen and get on to the roof.

  9. On May 1, 2016 at 6:50 am Jacaranda Elizar Palad said:

    lovely lovely apartment.. you have a very beautiful flat 🙂

    so, are you a stephen king fan? I collect his books before.. siguro i have close to 30 already.. and i believe ‘On writing’ is the only non-fiction book he’d ever written.. pls correct me if i am mistaken.

    • On May 1, 2016 at 11:58 am Sally said:

      Thank you, Jacaranda! (Also, I love your name. It’s just beautiful!).
      I used to read Stephen King a lot in high school, but I haven’t read him in years. Probably because I’m a much bigger scaredy cat than I used to be and I’d never sleep if I read him nowadays! I only bought the On Writing book because I thought it would be good writing inspiration… sadly, I have yet to read it because I’m horrible at reading nonfiction (I’m really good at buying it, not so good at reading it, though!).

  10. On May 1, 2016 at 11:30 pm choi kum fook said:

    Both the kitchen and living room were wonderful and lovely decorated! Seem you have put a lot of efforts in collecting all the souvenirs and arts from all over the world, so I must give you a salute! I brought a piece of soap, round in shape like a ball,three inches in diameter, in Guinea, Western Africa. It needed me three months to use up! It was fantastic and ridiculous! Have you seem the soap round in shape before, Miss Sally?

    • On May 2, 2016 at 1:47 pm Sally said:

      Yes, I have seen those soap balls. What a very practical souvenir, Mr. Choi! I hope you also bought some souvenirs that could last forever too!

  11. On June 3, 2016 at 8:04 pm Tim said:

    Sally….I am guessing you have received somewhere between 50 and a quadrillion comments from mostly total strangers so this one won’t likely be all that memorable for you. However that is beauty for the rest of us – all of us 50 to a quadrillion commentators will remember what you wrote and why we were prompted to make a comment. I have three observations for you. First – your use of our language is sublime. Second – Your furniture reminds me of a lot of furnishings I have seen in colonial era homes/museums(Monticello, Mount Vernon, Ash Lawn, Montpelier, etc)…it is very short. Third – You are oddly beautiful or beautifully odd(not sure which yet, but awesome regardless). Don’t worry, I am not working up the nerve to say I am obsessed with you…I am not free on Valentine’s Day to take you out in Buffalo….and your furniture is really short, well too short for me anyway as I am rather tall. I just wanted you to know you make a difference and at least in my case it was enough to make me post a comment, which is rare due to a number of restraining orders in place by Interpol. By the way, I was actually searching on Google for information regarding being bored while camping alone and I stumbled on a post of yours from a while back. I am amazed how words on a screen can bring people connections. Be well and congrats…on being awesome and on hearing from me.

    • On June 4, 2016 at 11:19 am Sally said:

      Well, shucks, Tim. This was the nicest comment I’ve gotten in a while, and it totally made my day. Thank you! As for my furniture, I never noticed it being particularly short. It is pretty old (it’s all from my mom who refinishes furniture she finds in junk piles and second hand shops), so maybe that’s why? Also, my mom is short so maybe she’s naturally attracted to short furniture? I’m pretty average height myself, but I have short legs, which makes me hate bar stools and any tall chair-like structures. I’m always falling off of them (and not because I’m drunk… or only partially because I’m drunk). So, yes, maybe my furniture is short, but I can happily report I’ve never fallen off any of my chairs. So yeah for that!
      I hope you were able to find out what to do to keep boredom at bay while camping alone. I strongly suggest a Kindle Paperwhite and eavesdropping on your camping neighbors (should you have any) and chalking it up to “blog research.” Also, irrational thoughts of bears tends to keep the mind occupied.
      Thanks, again, for the comment. I really do appreciate it!


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