27 Apr 2016

New Apartment Tour: My Living Room

It’s been about a month since I showed you around the kitchen of my new apartment, I figure it’s about time you see more of my place.

Let’s mosey on down to the living room, shall we?

Here’s a fun fact about my new place: it’s a converted second floor of an old house. […]

24 Apr 2016

Random Stuff List

Oh, hello there, friends, how are you?

Let’s start this week off right with some random stuff, shall we?

1. I finished my spring semester of classes this week, and I have a teensy-weensy little break before my summer classes start up, which means I’ve made approximately fifty-jillion to-do lists of all the things I […]

20 Apr 2016

Why I Can’t Fit in My Pants Wednesday: Amish Friendship Bread

I have a new mouth to feed in my house.

Don’t worry. It’s not a baby. That would be bad.

It’s also not a new cat. That would be AMAZING. Until my current cat strangles me in my sleep because she’s not about to share my attention with anyone or anything else. Including my dinner.


17 Apr 2016

Random Stuff List

Hi, friends! It’s spring and it’s Sunday and my biggest decisions today are what color should I paint my toes and how many episodes of season 2 of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt should I watch. (Answer: ALL OF THEM. Because self control is over-rated, folks.)

I hope your Sunday is equally easy and breezy. Can […]

15 Apr 2016

Fear Friday: Public Speaking

According to The Washington Post, more people are afraid of public speaking than they are of zombies. ZOMBIES, YOU GUYS! Seriously, we’d rather risk having our brains eaten by the undead than talk to a bunch of totally alive people, who will probably not try to make hors d’oeuvres out of our hypothalamus.

It doesn’t really make […]