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February 7, 2016


This week has been one of those weird weeks where one moment it’s like, “Look! Grass! Sunshine! It’s spring!” and the next moment it’s like, “Just fooling. Here’s some snow.” And then it’s back to grass and sunshine and getting my hopes up. So, we’ll see how the rest of the week goes. But, until then, random stuff!

1. Aside from the fickle weather, life has been pretty quiet this week. I’ve mostly spent the week working and walking and writing. Or trying to write and rewarding myself with cookies for my effort. What? Cookies are my muse!


2. One big highlight of the week: receiving a package with handmade unicorn potholders and place mats from my mom. I think I need to throw some dinner parties just so I can crack these babies out and show off.


3. So apparently there’s some kind of big football game today? I don’t even know who’s playing. A friend told me, but then I stored it into the folder in my brain marked, “Don’t need to know because it doesn’t involve pie and won’t help me save myself from being eaten alive by bears.”

But I do feel like celebrating the day by eating dip for dinner. But, honestly, that’s no different from most days. I’m thinking about making my friend Jessie’s dill dip because it’s everything I love in life.



4. Other things I’m planning on making today: granola bars! I always have a granola bar or two stashed in my purse/backpack/coat pocket, just in case I become ravenously hungry and want to punch all the people. But have you read the ingredient list on a box of granola bars? I mean, do I want fractionated palm kernel oil and mixed tocopherols in my life? So, I’m thinking I’m going old school and make them myself with ingredients I can pronounce. This recipe looks super easy. Have a recipe suggestion I should try?

5. Speaking of bizarre ingredients that sound like some kind of weird witch’s potion, Hollywood’s favorite juice bar owner talked about what she eats during the day and, well, I can’t even. The woman eats brain dust and had the audacity to call something with cultured sea vegetables and pea sprouts a “taco.” (Does this woman even know what a taco IS???) The most ironic thing of all : her last name is Bacon.

And then, because the Internet is great, Geraldine from the Everywhereist recreated the menu using food from her house.

6. Speaking of eating (I mean, when am I not speaking of eating), I don’t get picky eaters. I’m totally cool if you don’t eat something because of ethical or religious reasons. But not eating something, especially entire food groups of somethings, simply because you don’t like it? I totally don’t get that at all. I suspect this has something to do with the fact that I grew up in one of those households where “You’re going to eat it, and you’re going to like it.” So reading this post by Matt at Landlopers about how he doesn’t eat fish or seafood was interesting to me. And maybe, just maybe, took me one step closer to being more tolerant of picky eaters.

7. Even though I travel and do stuff by myself all the time, there are definitely times when I’m out exploring some new place on my own, and I’m like, “WHY AM I DOING THIS? THIS IS SO HARD! I CAN’T DO THIS!” So, I could definitely relate to this post by Beverley at Pack Your Passport about losing her courage on her first night alone in Copenhagen. That thing where she just keeps on walking and walking to find a restaurant that doesn’t seem too barsy/friendsy/romantic/intimidating until she’s like, “Forget it. I’m just going to eat Snickers from the 7-11”? Done that like a million times.

8. My friend, Fiona, has just re-launched her blog with all her amazing stories and photos from China. And it’s just as gorgeous as she is.

9. Adding to the list of THINGS I NEED: these unicorn light-up slippers, this cat helmet and these cat gloves to be used with a smart phone. And all of these literary gift ideas.

10. These autocorrect fails always make me laugh until I’m wheezing. I don’t even care if I’ve read half of them before and/or if they’re even real. I still can’t help choking on my own laughter.


How was your week, friends? Have any granola bar/dip recipes you need to share or links to other unicorn/cat related THINGS I NEED. Share away!


I've blathered on long enough! Now it's your turn!

  1. On February 7, 2016 at 12:34 pm JessieV said:

    OOH!! I love any granola bar from Smitten Kitchen and these look amazing: http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2015/06/chocolate-chunk-granola-bars/

    and MAKE THE DIP!!!!!! xo
    JessieV recently posted..Florida Culture for the Week of February 8, 2016 by Josh Garrick

  2. On February 7, 2016 at 2:17 pm Claudia said:

    I could come up with a really really long reply to this post, but Downtown Abbey is on in about half hour so I’ll keep it short.

    What is wrong with picky eaters? I mean. I am the Queen of Fussy. I am lactose intolerant. I am allergic to bell peppers (which are EVERYWHERE in America). And I never eat pasta overseas because let’s face it, nobody makes it properly outside of Italy. Oh and I don’t do sushi. That is just raw fish. And the other night, at some dinner I went to celebrate my friend’s birthday, I was given brain fritters and the minute I cut it I knew it was brain and I almost puked. Thank God I scrutinize my food before putting it into my mouth. Oh and duck? How can anybody say duck is delicious? Duck is YUK.

    Right. Downtown Abbey. Gotta go. I guess I am forgiven!
    Claudia recently posted..Great things to do in Argentina

  3. On February 8, 2016 at 4:47 am qJub said:

    Lol for some reason i enjoy reading your weekly random stuff lists….even if they’re mostly about food and I’m not a foodie but did what the football game.

    Amen for eating foods you can pronounce the ingredients list 100% correctly first time!!! have a great week 🙂
    qJub recently posted..Best Travel Compression Socks For Long Flights

  4. On February 14, 2016 at 10:50 am Indrani said:

    Interesting random stuffs. 🙂
    The dip almost tempted me dip my fingers into the screen.
    Greetings from India!

  5. On February 25, 2016 at 11:37 pm Kaori said:

    My favorite granola bar recipe is this soft and chewy one:

    But your recipe looks much easier to make, especially without a food processor. I think I’ll give it a try 🙂
    Kaori recently posted..The Ramen Shop in Omiya: Negijiro


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