7 Feb 2016

Random Stuff List

This week has been one of those weird weeks where one moment it’s like, “Look! Grass! Sunshine! It’s spring!” and the next moment it’s like, “Just fooling. Here’s some snow.” And then it’s back to grass and sunshine and getting my hopes up. So, we’ll see how the rest of the week goes. But, […]

5 Feb 2016

Fear Friday: Wear Attention-Getting Pants

I am not a fashion risk-taker.

It’s true. My unbraveness even applies to my closet.

While I sometimes can get a bit kicky when it comes to tops (I’ve even been known to wear sequins! Like, on a weekday!), my pants and leggings and pretty much anything else I wear on my lower half come in exactly two […]

4 Feb 2016

5 Reasons to Go to A Writer’s Conference Even If You Hardly Ever Write

I know, what you’re thinking. Me? Why would I go to a writer’s conference? I don’t have a finished manuscript. Or even anything resembling a manuscript. I just have a couple dozen little stories on my computer. Half of which I refuse to even look at because I wrote them a billion years ago and I’m […]

3 Feb 2016

Why I Can’t Fit in My Pants Wednesday: My Students

Last week, one of my students arrived at my nine o’clock class, and rather than pulling out his textbook, he pulled out a huge Tupperware full of these little, crispy donuts. He proceeded to pull more things out of his bag: paper plates, a carafe of Arabic coffee, the teeny tiny little Dixie cups that […]