29 Nov 2015

Random Stuff List

A list of happenings from my week, links I liked and other random stuff.

26 Nov 2015

6 Things I’m Thankful For Even Though They Totally Suck

Anyone can be grateful for the good stuff. But it takes a truly exceptional person to be thankful for the stuff that sucks. (Hint: that person is me).

22 Nov 2015

Random Stuff List

Cat links, non-turkey recipes for Turkey Day and other random stuff from my week.

18 Nov 2015

Another Thing We Need to Stop Telling Women: What Is Brave and not Brave

On why you get to decide what’s brave and unbrave for you.

13 Nov 2015

Fear Friday: Go to a Writer’s Conference

I went to my first ever writer’s conference. And I totally didn’t die. Yay!