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October 25, 2015


Happy Sunday, folks! I hope you’re still in your pajamas and you’re ready for some random tidbits about my week and cute animal links because that is what’s about to happen right now.

1. I went to my first ever writer’s conference yesterday in Grand Rapids. I wasn’t even going to go because I’ve been totally and completely swamped with work (thank you, midterms!) and totally and completely sleep-deprived (thank you, stompy upstairs-neighbor sent straight from Satan!). But I’d already spent all this money on it and my writer-friend basically Facebook-bullied me into going (thank you, Facebook-bullying friend!).

I’m really glad I did because I met a whole bunch of great writery people and got to think about something besides midterm grading all day. Plus, it gave me the kick in my butt I needed to get off of the Netflix and start writing again.

This should probably say "Quit Netflixing, Start Writing"

This should probably say “Quit Netflixing, Start Writing.” At least for me.

Granted as soon as I got home, I got back on the Netflix. But, you guys can’t really expect me to go cold turkey on the stuff, can you? I mean, baby steps, people. BABY STEPS.

2. I also hit up the new Trader Joe’s in Grand Rapids on my way home. Which I thought was a genius plan. I mean, what kind of loser goes grocery shopping on a Saturday night?

The answer: ALL the losers.

Trader Joe's: THE place to be on a Saturday night. Who knew?

Trader Joe’s: THE place to be on a Saturday night. Who knew?

You guys, it was like some kind of nightclub in there. Seriously, you’d have thought the place was debuting the newest boy band or something and not the newest pumpkin pancake mix.

Of course, I told myself I was only going to pick up a few things, but ended up with a massive cart full of stuff (including pumpkin pancake mix… because duh).

Just a few things... yeah, right.

Just a few things… yeah, right.

Unfortunately, because I never shop there I didn’t know what I should get. So I bought lots of stupid stuff that I can get anywhere, like vegetables. As soon as I got home, I got Facebook messages from friends telling me all the things I should have bought while I was there. (Apparently, ginger granola exists? WHY WAS I NOT THE FIRST PERSON TO KNOW THIS???)

So, I’m taking notes, people, for the next time I go back. Have any must-buys I should add to my list?

3. It’s reached that weird fall stage of weather around here where it’s too cold to wear flip-flops or flats without socks, but it’s still warm enough that you don’t totally want to encase your feet in the prison that is socks and boots, especially since they’ll be stuck in that prison soon enough so why not give them a little freedom while you can?

(Can you tell I have irrationally, strong feelings about this topic?)

And that’s how I ended up wearing slippers to the bar this week. Like actual slippers.

I wore these to the bar. At least I was wearing real pants, right?

I wore these to the bar. At least I was wearing real pants, right?

I know you’re all vowing to never ever be seen in public with me. But I have to say, they were kind of perfect. I didn’t have to put my feet in sock-prison, but they were still nice and cozy.

This may become a regular thing.

Whatever. Go ahead. Disown me.

4. I finally got around to making this thai red curry with kabocha squash that I’ve been meaning to make all fall. And it was EVERYTHING. Literally, everything. Because I ended up throwing all the random vegetables in my fridge in there and then, as a result, having to double the sauce.


Also, I used butternut squash instead of kabocha. Because have you tried to find a kabocha squash in Michigan? Have you???

So, basically, I did not follow that recipe at all. Because there are two types of people in this world: people who actually follow recipes and probably know what they’re doing with their life and also probably don’t wear slippers to bars. And then the type of person who sees recipes as merely suggestions. And slippers as merely shoes with fluffier insides.

5. Some other fall recipes I need to try out, like, now already:

This apple cider autumn sangria.

And this roasted butternut squash hummus.

6. Speaking of fall things, I need to plan a trip to Porcupine Mountains in the Upper Peninsula for next fall.



7. Ummm, so I take it we’ve all been listening to Adele’s new song, “Hello,” on repeat over and over and over again until it becomes the inner monologue in our head, right?

8. So, you may not know this, but I love reading fluffy teenage-girl fiction, especially when I’m super stressed out like I have been lately. I don’t know, maybe it reminds me of a simpler time when my biggest stressor in life was trying to match my scrunchie with my shirt. (Who am I kidding? That was not simple, AT ALL.)

Last week, I read Dumplin’, about plus-sized Willowdean Dickson, who’s obsessed with Dolly Parton (who isn’t?) and a hottie, high school jock (again, been there) and becomes an unlikely beauty pageant contestant (okay, so I have yet to do that).

This week, I’m reading Everything Everything about a girl who’s allergic to everything and can’t leave the house, but still ends up falling in love with the boy next door.

Have any other teenage novel suggestions I should be adding to my Kindle queue?

9. Two great articles I read this week about the difficulty of being a new teacher that totally apply to being a not-so-teacher:

This article on why the first few months of the semester are the hardest and why it’s okay to cry in your car. 

And this article on how good teachers aren’t born that way. 

10. You guys, I cannot get enough photos of wild animals, who have been rescued and kept as pets. Which I realize is probably totally a no-no thing to do according to every park ranger in the world ever.

But, omigod, will you look at this raccoon who has its own Instagram account???

And this squirrel named Jill.


(Sorry, park rangers.)


That’s it, folks! Have any Trader Joe’s/fall recipes/fluffy teenage novel suggestions you’d like to share? Give ’em to me!


I've blathered on long enough! Now it's your turn!

  1. On October 25, 2015 at 1:15 pm Janice said:

    Perfect! I AM still in my pajamas and ready for some Unbrave Girl tidbits!

    If you’re looking for some teenage girl shenanigans, but with all the fun of dirigibles and petticoats thrown in, check out Gail Carriger’s Finishing School series (as in, training young ladies to be assassins type of finishing school).

    Also, sock prison is the worst.

  2. On October 25, 2015 at 9:58 pm JessieV said:

    I LOVE YA!!! some good ones lately: queen of bright and shiny things, fans of the impossible life. 😉 and mercedes lackey’s hunter (swoon!). let’s meet this week – will DM!! xo
    JessieV recently posted..Why and How to Volunteer When You Travel

  3. On October 25, 2015 at 10:35 pm Jenni said:

    The chili lime cashews are my favorite at Trader Joes! Also…cookie butter, the chocolate covered mint patties, the giant bars of dark chocolate, edamame crackers, and their 99cent greeting cards.
    Jenni recently posted..Hiking the Hanging Lake Trail, Colorado

  4. On October 26, 2015 at 12:28 am Priya said:

    Crap. Now I’m listening to Adele’s new song over and over again. You’re lucky, I freaking love her.
    Priya recently posted..When You’re Traveling Long-Term, You Don’t Buy Crap

  5. On October 27, 2015 at 8:06 pm Jen said:

    Not only is Trader Joe’s happening… Target.. open till midnight on a Saturday. Fabulous.

    • On November 23, 2015 at 8:12 pm Sally said:

      Oh, trust me, I’ve made more late-night Target runs than I care to recall. I just wish our local Target would let us drink booze like I heard some Targets in other states are doing. Then at least I’d feel like I was partying.


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