25 Oct 2015

Random Stuff List

Happy Sunday, folks! I hope you’re still in your pajamas and you’re ready for some random tidbits about my week and cute animal links because that is what’s about to happen right now.

1. I went to my first ever writer’s conference yesterday in Grand Rapids. I wasn’t even going to go because I’ve […]

18 Oct 2015

Random Stuff List

You guys!

Maybe you’ve noticed things have been a bit quiet around here?

You see, the thing  is that I’ve been spending all my free time with my French lover, Jean-Pierre, doing, you know, French things like eating cheese and wearing stripes.

I mean, that’s basically the truth.

Except substitute “French lover” with “doing work.” And […]

8 Oct 2015

The National Mustard Museum (Or “Not quite chipmunks in hula skirts. But still pretty awesome.”

When I arrived at my cousin’s house near Madison, Wisconsin this past summer, she informed me that she had been researching weird, off-the-wall places for us to visit during my stay there.

Because this is how my extended family thinks of me: as a complete and total weirdo.


Her […]

4 Oct 2015

Random Stuff List

Howdy, friends!

I wasn’t even planning to write a Random Stuff List today because I’ve been super busy all week with work-stuff and super busy this weekend with stuff-stuff, and I was just going to spend my Sunday sleeping in and eating muffins and catching up on Project Runway, but then my upstairs neighbor […]