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August 2, 2015


You guys, how is it August already??? AUGUST! I’m already freaking out about the fact that I have about eleventy-jillion SUPER FUN SUMMER THINGS I NEED TO DO BEFORE MY BREAK ENDS. And then I walked into Target and saw the school supplies and almost had a heart attack. Gah!

1. I have some big/crazy/completely-terrifying news! I’m doing a reading with two super fabulous writers here in Kalamazoo on Monday, August 17th. Of course, I’ve known about this forreeeevvver (okay, for at least a month… or two), and have yet to decide what exactly I’m going to read. But I can guarantee that I will hyperventilate and break out into hives. So, if you’re in the area (or don’t mind driving five million miles to get to the area), and would like to watch the disaster that is me attempting to speak in public, please come!

2. Speaking of SUPER FUN SUMMER THINGS I NEED TO DO BEFORE MY BREAK ENDS, I’m determined that this is the year I’m going to ride my bike the entire length of the Kal-Haven Trail from Kalamazoo to South Haven. It’s only thirty-three miles. I can do that, right? Nevermind the fact that I just started riding my bike for real again this week, and my butt is already super sore and my right knee is feeling a bit wonky. Nevermind, that. I CAN TOTALLY DO THIS.

On my bike ride. Before I couldn't feel my butt anymore.

On my bike ride. Before I couldn’t feel my butt anymore.

(P.S. How can I do this? Is there some kind of Couch to 30-Mile-Bike-Ride app I can download to my phone or something?)

3. On Friday, I went to the Coast Guard Festival in Grand Haven. At first I was super excited because CUTE GUYS IN UNIFORMS! And then we got there and I discovered all the Coast Guard guys were exactly twelve years old. Seriously, they were baaabbbies.

On a related note: How did I get so old?

But, whatever, I got to pose like I was driving the ship, so I was cool.

I look TOTALLY sane in this picture, right? RIGHT???

I look TOTALLY sane in this picture, right? RIGHT???

4. I’m finally getting around to printing up some of my travel photos to decorate my apartment with, which I’ve only been meaning to do for, I dunno, two years now.

It’s been so fun to discover funny photos of things I totally forgot happened. Including photos of me, my mom and sister and two of my very good friends doing karaoke in Japan. Mind you, these photos were taken after my mother had told us that she was only going to “watch” us do karaoke. Yeah right, Mom.

Karaoke Battle. Mother-Daughter Version.

Karaoke Battle. Mother-Daughter Version.

I also came across this beautiful photo from Nepal, which I totally don’t remember taking.


And then I ordered 124 prints of different photos even though I have exactly 8 frames to fill. I think I need to work on my math.

5. I’m heading home to Buffalo next week to visit family, and I’m looking for fun/cheap things to do in the city that I haven’t already done before. I think visiting this snow pile is in order. (Yes, Buffalo still has snow in August BECAUSE BUFFALO.)

6. People are always asking me for advice on how to set up a blog, and I’m always like, “Uhhh, you’re totally asking the wrong person.”

But let me tell you who is the RIGHT person: Steph from Twenty-Something Travel. This woman is super smart when it comes to all things blog, and she’s been running a series this past week with tips on how to start, maintain and even make money off of a travel blog.

Two other posts you might find helpful: this post from Adventurous Kate on turning her blog into her career and this post on five lessons from five years of blogging by Liz at The Young Adventuress.

7. Speaking of travel bloggy people, I could totally relate to this post by Candice at Candice Does the World on wanting to travel but also seriously wanting a home. Reading it was like, “Oh, hello, my-life-as-written-by-someone-else.”

8. You guys, I’m already super freaked out by escalators. I blame my dad for telling me that the green light that you see underneath escalators is actually a little green demon who eats small children who are sucked into escalators. I also blame one particularly traumatizing episode of Rescue 911.

And then I found out that escalators are basically eating people alive in China. Excuse me while I take the stairs FOREVER.

Related: This is how people in China are riding escalators after a horrific accident.

9. I’ve been poring over this post about what a $1,500-a-month apartment looks like in different international cities and dreaming of which city I would want to live in.

Not that I could ever afford $1,500 in rent. But, if I could, I’d go for the Cairo apartment so I could just stare out at the pyramids all day.

10. I’m such a word-nerd, that I loved this article on how new words spread across America. Even if I’m still not entirely sure what “on fleek” means.

11. How cute is this video about this woman’s escapades with a blow-up bra? I just LOVE it.

That’s all folks! Hope you’ve been having a fab week. (Also, you may have noticed there were absolutely NO KITTEN LINKS this week. How is that even possible? I think you need to send me your cute kitten links of the week to remedy this situation.)


I've blathered on long enough! Now it's your turn!

  1. On August 2, 2015 at 3:56 pm Judi said:

    Sadly, after the Washington Post featured our never-melting snow pile, the city came and bulldozed it down. Enjoy your trip home.

  2. On August 3, 2015 at 12:50 am Anan said:

    So you’ve to Nepal eh?
    At the mere sight of my country, I read that particular sentence twice!Enjoy your vacation!
    Anan recently posted..Teacher’s Day

    • On August 3, 2015 at 8:59 am Sally said:

      Yes, I went there probably 6 or 7 years ago for a summer while I was teaching in Japan. It was a very unique country and I met so many lovely people. I would love to go back some day!

  3. On August 3, 2015 at 9:39 am Kelly said:

    Good luck on your reading!! And that escalator business is FREAKY!
    Kelly recently posted..“Boulder” Home

  4. On August 3, 2015 at 12:34 pm zoe said:

    Love the Nepal photo! I think some of my favourite travel photos have been ones I’ve forgotten about and then when I came across them later I was all “woah I was THERE?!”
    zoe recently posted..Sun and sea… in Oslo, Norway

  5. On August 4, 2015 at 5:59 pm Jen said:

    OMG… I dream of $1500. Try a median rent of $2500 a month where I’m living. And the vacancy rate is less than 1%. Oh the horror.


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