21 May 2015

Books That Will Make You Want to Buy a Plane Ticket Right Now: At Water’s Edge

This post is from my new series of book reviews about travelly books, which will probably make you want to buy a plane ticket if you read them.

Or, at least, these books are really making me want to buy a plane ticket.

But that’s nothing new. I pretty much ALWAYS want […]

19 May 2015

Mitten List: Binder Park Zoo (Or “That Time I Went to Africa. In Michigan.”)

This post is from my series of posts about all the places I visit, the things I do, the food I eat, and, of course, the beer I drink here in the Mitten State. To see the full list of things I’d like to do and things I’ve already done here in Michigan, check […]

17 May 2015

Random Stuff List

1. This week I started my first week of teaching summer classes. I don’t know why this is, but the first week and last week of classes are always the looooonnngggest weeks of classes ever. Oh, and the weeks right before a holiday. And the weeks after a holiday. And, okay, maybe ALL THE […]

14 May 2015

Books That Will Make You Want to Buy a Plane Ticket Right Now: Diamond Head

I’m starting a new series, you guys! It’s going to combine two of my favoritest things: books and travel. Basically, I’m going to read books set in far-flung places, so that I can tell you all about them. And then I’m going to resist the urge to promptly pull out my credit card and […]

12 May 2015

10 Things You Should Do to Run Your First Ever 5K (And 1 Thing You Really Shouldn’t)

You guys, I did it!

I ran a 5K race the other week, and I totally didn’t even die!

Although I did become deathly ill for about a week, but that’s another story, and I’m sure that totally won’t happen to you if you decide to run your first ever 5K after reading this […]