22 Feb 2015

5 Ways Curling is a Lot Like Being Single

There are tons of analogies out there about what it’s like to be in a relationship.

If you watch The Bachelor or The Bachelorette as much as I do (don’t judge), you know that you can’t get through a single episode without one of the contestants making some comparison between being in a relationship […]

14 Feb 2015

Random (Valentine’s Day-ish) Stuff List

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!

Despite having been single since dinosaurs went extinct, I actually kind of like Valentine’s Day. Probably because I look cute in red and because Valentine’s Day means Reese’s cup hearts, which are my third favorite holiday-shaped Reese’s cups after the pumpkins for Halloween and the Easter eggs. It’s important to […]

8 Feb 2015

On Being Over the Hill

You guys, you guys, I turned 39!!!

Two weeks ago.


I apologize for being a bit late with this birthday post. But I’ve had a lot of other important stuff to tell you about — like pee funnels and unicorn ski masks. (BTW, if you want a unicorn ski mask — and who […]

1 Feb 2015

Random Stuff List

Happy Sunday, y’all. Let’s talk about random stuff!

1. Okay, so after I wrote last week’s post, which was supposed to be about my adventure in winter camping but turned out to be about my misadventures in pee-funnel-ordering, a few of you wrote me to ask me more about my winter camping trip — […]