25 Dec 2014

Random (Christmassy) Stuff List

Merry Christmas! I made you this list. I’m sure it’s EXACTLY what you wanted, right?

21 Dec 2014

4 Reasons to Love Detroit (Yes, I said LOVE. And, no, I’m not kidding.)

I went to Detroit and fell in love. I know. I wasn’t expecting that either.

12 Dec 2014

Random Stuff List

1. Last weekend, I took a whirlwind trip to Dayton, Ohio, to help reunite a Japanese friend with her high school English teacher who lives there.

This guy was AMAZING. He’s 73 years old and could still remember the names of all my friend’s classmates, the clubs she was in and the article she […]

5 Dec 2014

Mitten List: Ride the North Pole Express

My ride on the North Pole Express in Owosso, Michigan. In which I learn that the North Pole is overrun by hobos. And liquor stores. And it’s AWESOME.