28 Nov 2014

Random Stuff (I’m Thankful For) List

Happy belated Thanksgiving to all my American friends!

And happy belated Thursday to everyone else!

Since I’m traveling for the rest of the holiday weekend, I decided to spend Thanksgiving at home with my cat. Which I know sounds sad and lonely, but it really wasn’t. It was actually quite lovely.

I made pie in […]

23 Nov 2014

My Winter Bucket List

This post may seem a bit premature to all you folks living in parts of the world that don’t happen to be Michigan.

Or, umm, Buffalo. (Insert “Holy cannoli, Buffalo, seven feet of snow??? Way to go crazy without me” emoji here.)

You’re probably like, “Wait? What? Winter? Why are you talking about winter […]

16 Nov 2014

Random Stuff List

It’s time again for a random stuff list!

This is becoming something of a biweekly event.

(Or is it semiweekly? I can never remember the one that means every two weeks. And I just tried to Google search it and it made me even more confused. Words are hard, you guys.)

1.It’s snowing! Like […]

9 Nov 2014

How to Feel Travelly When You Can’t Actually Travel

Last weekend someone on the Facebook asked me why I don’t travel overseas anymore.

I’d been waiting for that.

Frankly, I’m surprised it took you all so long.

I mean, seriously, you guys, I’ve been back in the States for over two years now, and I haven’t been outside of the country since then, […]

2 Nov 2014

Random Stuff List

Hey, you guys, it’s another Random Stuff List!

You know, one of those posts where I just write a list of things I’ve done this week along with a healthy dose of kitten video links and call it a blog post.

Fun, right?

So, let’s get started, shall we?

1. Happy (belated) Halloween, everyone! […]