The Week in Kitten Links

June 8, 2014
Happy Sunday, y’all.

And, yes, this is another post about kittens.

I’m sorry.

Okay, I’m not sorry at all BECAUSE KITTENS, OKAY. And the moment I become sorry about kittens is the moment you should call the police because obviously my body has been invaded by kitten-hating aliens, and I’ll need to be shot.

In my defense, I had every intention of writing a non-kitten-related post this week.

I even drove two hours yesterday to go to the National Asparagus Festival  for the express purpose of writing about it. (Yes! That exists!)

And for the express purpose of eating deep-fried asparagus. (Yes! That also exists!)

Deep-fried asparagus. This is a thing.

Deep-fried asparagus. This is a thing. An amazing, wonderful thing.

But that story is going to have to wait. I just can’t deal with writing real things right now. My eyeballs are all red and itchy after having spent all day outside in the sun yesterday. And I’m seriously sleep-deprived as George likes to wake me up at 4 AM every morning by alternately licking my face and attacking my hands.

Plus, I have laundry to do, essays to grade and season two of Orange is the New Black to watch. (One guess as to which one of these activities will actually be completed today.)

So instead of writing a real post, I’ve decided just to share a bunch of cat-related links with you. Because what says “Have a great Sunday!” like pictures of cats crammed into costumes and really small boxes?

Besides, since I got a kitten a few weeks ago, people have been sending me kitten-related links non-stop and it just seems selfish not to share them.

So here goes:

I’m pretty sure this collection of photos taken a hundred years ago is proof that the desire to dress up your cat in doll clothes is a universal, timeless desire. I’m also pretty sure this article is proof that I need some old-timey, kitten-sized doll clothes. Anyone know where I can get my hands on some? Anyone?

Speaking of cats in costumes, have you ever spent an hour looking at cat costumes online, reading the user reviews, and thinking THESE ARE MY PEOPLE. What’s that you say? No? Oh yeah, me neither.

Did you guys see these photos of this guy who goes mountain climbing with his cat? I think my cat would make an awesome mountain climber. But someone else is going to have to take her because I would seriously cry the whole time.

I’m pretty sure my cat thought every single one of these thoughts since I brought her home.

On a related note, I’m pretty sure I’ve experienced every single one of these things since bringing my cat home. 

Pictures of cats shoved into boxes, baskets and teapots? Yes, please.

Hey, did you know Keyboard Cat has a new video after seven years? He’s obviously been using the last seven years to practice because his performance is FLAWLESS.

Umm, so I love my kitten as she is, but I feel like I’d love her a little more if she knew how to dance to Lil John.

So, I know this is a commercial, but it made me laugh until I cried this morning.

Hey, did you know it was Hug Your Cat Day, this week? I’m pretty sure this day was invented by people who have never met a cat. Or this guy.

Am I crazy for wanting this cat bike basket? Wait. Don’t answer that.

Also, this kitty bicycle bell. Gah! So cute!

It’s a dress with pictures of KITTENS AND ICE CREAM on it. It would only be better if it also had pictures of beer.

I think I’m going to need this tattoo. But, like, permanently.

If there’s something I love as much as kittens, it’s ducklings. And, well, ducklings being raised with kittens? I AM DYING.

Speaking of other animals I love, I also really love guinea pigs. Especially talking ones.

And baby goats.

One animal that I’m not so fond of? Geese. Seriously, you guys, they are big feathered bullies. Here’s an article I wrote a while back for the Michigan-based blog, The Awesome Mitten, about conquering my fear of geese and other large water fowl while visiting the Kellogg Bird Sanctuary.

Oh, sorry, wasn’t I supposed to be talking about kittens? Or was I supposed to be watching Orange is the New Black? I can’t remember. But that’s okay because now I can do both. YOU GUYS, I LOVE THE INTERNET SO BAD.

Have any cat or cute animal related links you feel you need to share? Have at it!

I've blathered on long enough! Now it's your turn!

  1. On June 8, 2014 at 2:31 pm becky hutner said:

    Wow, this is a quality post. Thanks for planning my next week of interweb exploration (i make it sound so noble, don’t i?).

    Since you asked, I will add to the bunch, a less endearing cat-related link:

    becky hutner recently posted..Fashion ‘Round the World: What people wore in Jan ’14

  2. On June 8, 2014 at 5:55 pm Briona said:

    Ummmm, should I be worried that I recognised most of those links simply from your descriptions?! Cat addiction? Who, me?!

    Actually, my guilty pleasure is browsing the Facebook page of Cats Protection (a British charity), and dreaming about adopting ALL the cats – 🙂
    Briona recently posted..Exploring España: Ávila

    • On June 22, 2014 at 11:12 am Sally said:

      I did that right before I got George. There was this billboard on my walk home with a website that had listings for adoptable cats and dogs. OMIGOD. I wanted ALL OF THE KITTIES. And even some of the dogs. And that’s saying something as I’m not much of a dog person.

  3. On June 9, 2014 at 1:20 am Janice said:

    Holy moly, cuteness overload. The wimpy goat one KILLED me. Now I want a goat. But only if it stays a kid.

  4. On June 10, 2014 at 10:16 am Hata Trbonja said:

    Just finished the second season of Orange is the New Black. It’s sooo good!!!
    Lots of drama. The season finale was perfect.
    Let us know what you think.
    Hata Trbonja recently posted..4 Ways to Cope With The French Aversion to Air Conditioning

  5. On June 11, 2014 at 4:44 am Priya said:

    Oh my, George has you wrapped around her little paw 🙂
    Priya recently posted..When In Doubt, Flip A Coin

  6. On June 13, 2014 at 12:56 am Ceri said:

    There can never be too much kitten and catty things on the internet.
    Ceri recently posted..Scenes from Buddha’s Birthday

  7. On June 15, 2014 at 1:32 pm Lisa said:

    I think you’ve covered all the cat/kitten links I’ve seen, but I thought you’d like this little post I wrote up about my cat. I was NOT intending to get a cat, but I did because I needed to make my man happy.

    So very Tammy Wynette of me.


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