30 Mar 2014

March Gratitude List

What I’m grateful this month. Hint: it’s mostly beer.

22 Mar 2014

How to Stay in a Hostel if You’re Old

Staying in a hostel isn’t just for the young. It’s also for poor old crotchedy people like me!

16 Mar 2014

On speaking at Women’s Travel Fest (Or “On not hyperventilating nearly as much as I thought I would.”)

I spoke at the first ever Women’s Travel Fest in NYC. And didn’t die. Much.

7 Mar 2014

10 Things I Learned from Teenaged Girls This Week

Teenagers can teach us adults a thing or two. Like we’re really, really not cool. No matter how much we try. In fact, we just shouldn’t try.

3 Mar 2014

I don’t really have a title for this. Besides “You rock.” And possibly “Y’all be crazy.”

In which I’m nominated for a Bloggie. Again. Because y’all are crazy.