26 Nov 2013

Mitten List: Frankenmuth

It will be a surprise to no one that I love cheese.

Both the kind of cheese that’s served up on a cracker.

And the kind of cheese that’s all about the twinkle lights and corny music and excessive amounts of glitter.

So when I say that Frankenmuth may very well be one of the […]

19 Nov 2013

Mitten List: Survive a (Kind of) Tornado

In all honesty, surviving a tornado was never on my Mitten List — the list of things I want to do and see while I’m living in Michigan.

Mostly because my Mitten List is pretty much just a really long list of microbrew beer from Michigan I feel I need to drink. Which reminds me: […]

10 Nov 2013

The Go Solo Project (Or “How I Ended up at a Male Strip Show. By Myself. Because That’s Not Weird.”)

A few weeks ago, I discovered that my blog had been mentioned in this article about solo female travel.

Instead of being all giddy about the fact that, apparently, I’m totally famous in Australia, I felt like a sham.

You see, the author described me as someone who “took on the world.” And, you guys, […]

3 Nov 2013

Chinese Painting 101

When I signed up to take Chinese painting classes with the Chinese cultural center at the university where I teach, I just assumed I’d be really bad at it.

It’s not that I’m particularly bad at art.

It’s just been a while since I’ve attempted anything vaguely art-like. A really, really long while. Like […]