30 Sep 2013

Mitten List: ArtPrize

My trip to Grand Rapids’ ArtPrize. In which I discover I’m not such a good judge of art after all.

22 Sep 2013

Six Signs I May (or May Not) Have Moved to the Right Place

In which I reveal the real reasons why I moved to Michigan. Surprise, it has to do with pie.

16 Sep 2013

My New Apartment! Now with Absolutely Nothing!

I have a new apartment but I don’t have any furniture. But that’s not going to really stop me from showing off.

2 Sep 2013

The Seven Stages of Packing Up Your Life (Even If You Didn’t Think You Had Much of a Life to Pack Up)

I did it! I packed up everything I own and moved across country. And it only took me forever to do it!