19 Jul 2013

Walking 15 Miles on the Erie Canal (Well, more like 4. But in flip-flops. So practically 15.)

This is my last post for my Erie Canal Week Series on my blog. Which only took me three weeks.

But, seriously, who’s counting?

Obviously, not ME.

I have this thing I like to do when I arrive in a new place.

I walk.

But I don’t walk like a normal person might […]

12 Jul 2013

Unbrave Eats: Lake Effect Ice Cream

When I walked into Lake Effect Ice Cream in Lockport, NY, last month, I couldn’t help feeling like I’d been there before – even though it was my first visit.

Maybe it was a case of déjà vu meets all my dreams come true.

Because, seriously, you guys, in my dreams, there is a […]

9 Jul 2013

The Lockport Locks & Erie Canal Cruise

Hey folks,

It’s Erie Canal Week on my blog! For the second week in a row! Because why have one Erie Canal Week when you can have two?

Besides, last week, I didn’t even write anything about the actual, umm, you know, CANAL. Well, here it is folks: the post you’ve all been […]

4 Jul 2013

The No Body-Snark Diet & Full-Length Photo Challenge Links Roundup

  Howdy, folks!

Seeing as it’s Independence Day here in the States, how about if we all declare our independence from the jerky voices in our head who keep on telling us our thighs are too lumpy? And then we’re all going to go and eat some pie.

Sound good?

Of course, it sounds good!


3 Jul 2013

Unbrave Eats: Sweet Sixteen Cafe in Lockport, NY

Hey guys, it’s Erie Canal Week on my blog!

Yep, that’s right ONE WHOLE WEEK of posts about America’s coolest canal!

(Confession time: I don’t really know that much about any of America’s other canals. Does America even HAVE other canals? If it does, I’m sure they’re all very nice. But Erie Canal […]