20 Jun 2013

The No Body-Snark Diet and Full-Length Photo Challenge

I’m going on a diet. But not the kind you think.

16 Jun 2013

Reflections on My Fifteen-Year College Reunion (Or “Twenty-Two Signs You’re Not Twenty-Two Anymore.”)

I went to my college reunion and learned that I was really, kinda, a little bit old. I KNOW.

13 Jun 2013

Lessons I Learned at a Travel Blogging Conference That Don’t Really Have Anything to Do with Traveling or Blogging

I went to a travel blogging conference and didn’t really learn anything about traveling or blogging. Go figure.

6 Jun 2013

In High Spirits in Newfane, NY

Newfane, NY is famous for booze and ghosts. And I can’t really think of two better reasons to visit a place, can you?