20 Jun 2013

The No Body-Snark Diet and Full-Length Photo Challenge

Things are about to get heavy around here.

Pun totally intended.

You see, guys, I’m fat.

And I don’t mean this in a I-feel-kind-of-puffy-today way. Or a Do-these-jeans-make-my-butt-look-big way. Or even a I’m-going-to-say-I’m-fat-so-that-you-guys-tell-me-I’m-not-fat-okay? way.

The truth is that I am fat. As in overweight. As in medically and scientifically so.

And I always have […]

16 Jun 2013

Reflections on My Fifteen-Year College Reunion (Or “Twenty-Two Signs You’re Not Twenty-Two Anymore.”)

You guys, I’m kinda, sorta, a little bit old.

I know.

I’m as surprised by this as you are. Really.

In fact, the realization that I’m getting on in years didn’t really sink in until last weekend when I went to my fifteen-year college reunion.

FIFTEEN YEARS, YOU GUYS. That’s, like, a lot […]

13 Jun 2013

Lessons I Learned at a Travel Blogging Conference That Don’t Really Have Anything to Do with Traveling or Blogging

Two weeks ago I went to my first ever travel blogging conference – Travel Blog Exchange (TBEX) in Toronto. The three-day conference was jam-packed with keynotes and workshops and break-out sessions and other opportunities to network with industry professionals.

There was even something called “Speed Dating,” which, apparently, had nothing to do with dating […]

6 Jun 2013

In High Spirits in Newfane, NY

You’re probably wondering where the heck Newfane, NY is, right? And why the heck you should go there, huh?

To be honest, I was kind of wondering the same thing when I showed up there for my overnight stay at the Fly Inn Lodge.

Because researching destinations?

That’s not really a thing I do.