25 May 2013

Fishing on the Niagara River: Part 2 (Or “The Part with All the Beer and Popcorn.”)


I bet you thought my fishing adventure was over after my last post, huh?

Not so, my friends!

Okay, so maybe the fishing part of the adventure was over. After all, I practically caught ALL THE FISH in the Niagara River. It was time to call that part of the trip quits.

You […]

19 May 2013

Fishing on the Niagara River (Or “It’s Possible I’m the Fish Whisperer and Never Even Knew It.”)

I’m not gonna lie, you guys.

When the Niagara Tourism & Convention Corporation invited me to go fishing on the Niagara River this past week, I was apprehensive. And by “apprehensive” I mean, “You want me to do WHAT NOW?”

It’s not that I’d never fished before.

In fact, I’d fished a lot as […]

16 May 2013

Five Things I Learned While Driving Fifty-Billion Miles by Myself

I’m home, you guys!

It only took me twelve days, four states, two countries, six tanks of gas and fifty-billion miles.

Okay, so that’s not an exact mile count – I lost track somewhere after a billion. Plus, a large portion of my trip was spent driving through Ontario, so I was forced to […]

2 May 2013

Announcing: The Great Americanadia Summer Break Road Trip

It’s official, guys.

I’m on summer break!

Well, at least for the next couple weeks. I will be teaching some classes later this summer because, you know, girl’s gotta eat. But until then it’s PARTY TIME! (And by “PARTY TIME!” I mean “Staying all the way up until 11:00, and it ain’t even Friday, […]