25 May 2013

Fishing on the Niagara River: Part 2 (Or “The Part with All the Beer and Popcorn.”)

What better way to wrap up a day of fishing than with beer and popcorn? Seriously.

19 May 2013

Fishing on the Niagara River (Or “It’s Possible I’m the Fish Whisperer and Never Even Knew It.”)

I went fishing on the Niagara River and actually caught some fish. I KNOW. I was pretty surprised, too.

16 May 2013

Five Things I Learned While Driving Fifty-Billion Miles by Myself

You can learn a lot of things while sitting by yourself in a car for hours on end. Who knew?

2 May 2013

Announcing: The Great Americanadia Summer Break Road Trip

I’m hitting the road in search of fun, food and big balls of twine!