29 Apr 2013

On Being Honest on the Internet

You guys know I totally wouldn’t lie to you, right?

I mean, I’m scared to death of a lot of things. But telling the truth, even if it makes me look really bad in the process, isn’t one of those things.

I will totally tell you that I’m bad at talking to boys. And I […]

22 Apr 2013

Unbrave Eats: Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Bacon Pancakes

Last week was a rough one, huh, guys?

I don’t know about you, but I was so ready for the week to be over and for Sunday morning to roll around.

So when it finally did, I decided I needed to celebrate.

With pancakes.

You know, as you do.

Mind you, these were not […]

17 Apr 2013

On Running and Fear and the Big, Bad, Horrible Things

On Monday evening, I sat down at my computer. I started reading news stories about the Boston Marathon bombing. And I cried.

Then I did something I’ve been meaning to do ever since I returned to the States this summer. Something I came close to doing a few times, but then I kept chickening […]

14 Apr 2013

Weeklyish Challengey Thingie: Do Stuff on My Own

You know how I’m always going on and on about how awesome it is to do stuff solo, like traveling? And how it’s super awesome because you can eat potato chips for dinner or be a total nerd and nobody has to know?

That is, of course, until you blather on endlessly about it […]

10 Apr 2013

Advice You Really Shouldn’t Follow: How to Become Famous on the Internet

It’s been a while since I’ve dished out some advice.

Probably because it’s been a while since any of you have asked me for advice.

I can’t imagine why.

After absolutely no new advice questions for weeks, I finally got an email the other day from the adorably named Mumun. The email came with the […]