10 Feb 2013

On Being Single, Not Looking & the People You’ll Meet.

I’ve been single for a super, duper, kind of, majorly long time.

And I’m okay with that.


I’m not even lying right now or giving you a “I’m trying to pretend to be cool with this even though I’m not cool with this” smile or anything.

So you can all stop rolling your […]

7 Feb 2013

Unbrave Reads: And, Also, My Palms Are Sweaty

Hey, remember when I was all like, “I’m taking the train! For a billion hours! When I could just take a one-hour flight.


And then all my friends started giving me that look?

Well, it’s possible they gave me that look because not only had I opted to take the […]

3 Feb 2013

Five Reasons Why Taking the Train in the States Isn’t Crazy. So Stop Looking at Me So Funny

When I recently decided to take the train from Buffalo to Washington, DC, and then back again to Buffalo from New York City, I didn’t really think it was an odd choice.

Well, not any odder than all the other choices I’ve made in my life. Which probably isn’t saying much. As I’ve made […]